Why You Need To Get Off Instagram (For Now)

As humans, we’re super visual beings, which is why Instagram appeals to us so, so much. Seriously, how many times have you been bored and whipped out your phone so you could scroll endlessly through your Insta feed? If you’re anything like us, the answer to that is like, nine zillion times. But the problem is, sometimes Instagram can be a little detrimental. As much as we love it (and boy, do we love it), it might be a good idea to take a little Insta-break – for now – and we’ll tell you why.

It’s a little sad that before we even go to an event, we Insta-addicts are planning out the snapshot we’re going to share over our favorite social media platform. Talk about stressful. If you take a little Instagram hiatus, you don’t need to waste your time staging the perfect brunch pic or making sure your smile in a photo is the right balance of cute yet nonchalant.

Plus, this kind of Instagram planning is seriously messing with our “live in the now” vibes. Show of hands if you’ve interrupted a fun activity with friends to say, “wait – I need to take an Insta of this.” *Raises hand.* But why do we do that? Why can’t we just be content with whatever we’re doing without having to document it for the world to see?

It’s probably because we want things to look perfect, always. And we can’t blame you! But consider this: If you take a break from Instagram, you’ll probably feel less pressured to be “perfect” all the time because you won’t be comparing yourself to other peoples’ so-called “perfect” Instagrams, and you won’t be counting likes. 

It’s no secret that a huge part of Instagram is about getting the perfect look to your photo. From staging a great shot, to editing the photo in VSCO, to throwing the perfect filter on it, Instagram photos are hardly a genuine window into someone’s reality. Because these pictures are just so dang perfect, they set super unrealistic standards for real life.

Now, we all probably know that we personally have awkward, hectic, frantic days, but Instagram keeps us from remember that other people have those days, too; we start to think that everyone we follow is perfect. And when we forget that nobody is perfect, we start to hate on ourselves when we fall short. And seriously, how dumb is that? Having your self-esteem lowered by a social media app? No, thank you.

A break from Instagram might be the perfect way to touch base with reality, and to reconnect with our loved ones’ realities and to enjoy where we are right now. And hey, we aren’t saying to delete your account (and lose all of your likes and followers), and we’re not trying to get preachy about getting off of social media. We know how fun social media can be, which is exactly why we love it. But keeping in mind how stressful Instagram can be, we just think it can be peaceful to take a little Insa-rest to keep some peace of mind.