Halfway Point: How To Make The Rest Of 2017 Monumental


A good amount of time has passed since January 2017. Six months, in fact. Some gulped down another semester in college. Others started new jobs. People got married, had children, some made new friends, some lost friends...we have all progressed in one way or another. But regardless of any progression we have made, there are still those lingering thoughts that remind us of the promises we made to ourselves way back when boots were on our feet and the glimmer of a new year was in our eyes. Have you held up your end of the bargain? Have you stuck to your personal resolutions? If you have, you are a part of the 8% of the population that did the same. If you haven't, don't panic, because June 30th is the exact halfway mark to 2018.

Look at the glass half full.

Some may feel anxious at the thought of the year being halfway over, but why stress? It is so much better to harness that energy to encourage even more growth within our minds, bodies, and souls. If we are aware that we still have six months left to continue our journey throughout the year, how can we possibly fail or land in 2018 without feeling fulfilled? Look at the remainder of this year's halfway mark as an opportunity rather than pure stress.

Nix the perfection obsession.

So what if you failed to keep your resolution? So what if you forget what your resolution even was? If you are realizing these mistakes now before it is December 31st at midnight, that alone is a triumph! Create new resolutions and think of new ways to measure your success.

So now what?

Don't consider this a strike out because now is the perfect time to build your goals back up. Recall your original resolution. Realize where you went wrong or right. Get super honest about why you were or were not successful, and work from there. If you do not remember your original resolution or if it doesn't fit into where you are now, think of a brand new one and start fresh.

Next, make some positive intentional shifts. If your goal was to "lose weight" and you didn't, that could have been too broad of a goal which led you to feel overwhelmed, or it could be something that you truthfully don't want that much which is completely okay! Instead of saying you want to "be happy" or "be skinny," consider making more realistic goals such as, "I want to go to yoga twice a week because that makes me happy" or "I will eat fruits or vegetables with each meal because I want to feel healthier." Relinquish all vague resolutions and begin initiating wholesome ones that make sense with your soul rather than just being words on a piece of paper.

Why this all matters...

Resolutions themselves might not be wildly essential to our wellbeing as humans but quality of life, however, is essential to our wellbeing. And I'm not talking about life as in our ability to be alive. I'm talking about our ability to truly live and experience the many formalities that life has to offer. If we forget about growth we will never become the best versions of ourselves. If every single year we let time slip by and forget that we should be consistently challenging ourselves to become better, we will be ten, twenty, thirty years down the line. So take this understanding that 2017 is halfway completed and use it to further yourself, your ambitions, and most importantly, your ability to live the life you desire.


featured image by Gately Williams