Our August 2018 Power Word

We all have that scene from that movie or TV show that no matter how many times we see it, it always awakens our most motivated selves, right?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely adore Legally Blonde. I saw it for the first time when I was in grade school and at that age (and, well, maybe a bit now), totally saw Elle Woods as the big sister I never had. But what always made her story so compelling to me took place in roughly two minutes of the movie. It was the "I'll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be!" montage. 

Warner told her, "You're not smart enough, sweetie," and that she didn't have a chance at Professor Callahan's internship. And that was her wake up call. While the montage only lasts for about two minutes (to the tune of my now alarm clock, "Watch Me Shine" by Joanna Pacitti), it represented months and months of dedication to hitting the books, participating in class, and learning all there was to know about the law.

I think everyone is waiting for their own montage–that moment that sparks an unwavering flame of motivation that will not burn out until the goal has been accomplished. But I don't think that happens all that often. I think more times than not, it's a series of Warner comments, maybe from our own selves, that gets us in gear. And sometimes, we've just had enough of standing still.

It begs the question though: What inspires action? And, more importantly: What inspires sustainable action?

A moment of movement doesn't make for a transformative montage. It's a continued series of actions. And if there's one thing I know about our little sisterhood here at Spire & Co, it's that we all want to create sustainable action.

We don't want to be women of words but rather women of action.

We want to take moments of glory and moments of doubt alike and transform them into meaningful, life-altering change. 

This past month, our Power Word was "create" and our intention was to channel inspiration into action. This month, we are taking that intention one step further to examine how to keep that flame burning long after the initial inspiration fizzles out and the hard work takes over.

Our August Power Word is...

ignite: (verb) to give life or energy to; to cause to catch fire

If we want to bring our goals into existence, we have to give life to all the little tasks that come first. We have to feel the inspiration, channel the motivation, and keep powering through, despite the many challenges and distractions that come our way. 

We have a deep desire to provide a place on the web where the second you come onto the homepage, you're able to exhale. You're able to know that you, as you are, are fully and completely enough. And that no matter what self-doubt you have, we know your potential is beyond measure and that you can make any goal a reality. Our hope is to help you do that.

That's why this month's Power Word isn't just one of action but one of continuous movement. Because to give life to something doesn't take just one match touching a wick. It requires keeping the flame burning through the darkest, windiest of nights.

So this month, we'll talk about how to continuously give energy to our vision of who we can become, knowing full well that each movement brings us closer to that grand aspiration. At the same time, we'll talk about how to find energy in the present because while a future mindset is important to making sh*t happen, it's never worth it if it's at the expense of the present. 

We have a lot coming this month and in the months to come. So you won't be the only one keeping a flame burning. Along with our posts on spireandco.com, keep up with the Energy Email (have you subscribed to our Monday motivation email yet?) where I'll discuss the reality of the "montage" and we'll drop some supporting content to this month's powerful intention. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at our new podcast, Spire Sessions.

Let's come together this month to ignite our aspirations. Before long, we'll be looking at overcoming challenges like...

Elle Woods Inspiration.gif

So tell me, what do you hope to ignite this month?


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