Our December 2018 Power Word

Spire & Co December 2018 Power Word

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🎶

If you ask me, that song, as sung by Andy Williams, is the theme song for this special time of year.

Perhaps it’s because it was the first song on our family’s favorite Christmas album growing up. I’d come home from school, run right to the stereo, and Andy Williams’ voice would ring through our home as I plugged in our Christmas tree, which was decked out in all sorts of whimsical ornaments my dad collected over the years for our family.

That same song played through our wireless speakers this year (oh, how technology has changed since middle school…), as we decorated our own whimsical Christmas tree, reminding me that despite being far from home, when it comes to the holidays, you can catch a glimpse of childhood wherever you are.

As we’ve gotten older though, the holidays have more layers. It’s no longer about our own wish lists but rather our gift giving checklists. It’s not about the classroom holiday party but rather acing the office party or perhaps hosting your own. It’s not about helping family members with the decorations but rather figuring out what you can afford to display yourself in your place.

Now all of this can be good. It’s a sign of growing up and deciding what the holidays mean to you. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize that adulting can sometimes take a portion of the fun out of the holiday season. That is, if you let it.

As a relentless holiday fan girl and a literal Christmas baby (my birthday is on December 22 and I came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve), I take this time of year pretty seriously. So when we were planning for the holidays here at Spire & Co, I knew with certainty what I wanted it to be. I didn’t want us to take the wonder out of the holiday season, only to replace it with gift guides for the sake of spending money, decorating for the sake of the Instagram, or entertaining for the sake of reputation. We wanted it to be about more.

The December Power Word is…

joy: (noun) a feeling of happiness and delight

There’s so much to celebrate this time of year. And if you ask me, I think getting older means you get to make the holidays even more joyful, if you so choose. You’re in the driver’s seat and no matter what potential setbacks may stand in your way, from budget restrictions to being strapped for time because of finals or work or something else, you can shape this season into precisely what you desire.

Our goal is to take the noise and stress of adulthood out of the holiday season so you can experience the happiness and delight many believe is reserved for childhood. But we know differently. We know that that joy never truly goes away. We just sometimes get distracted by what we think is required of us as adults at this time of year.

And sometimes, it’s just about shifting the intention ever so slightly. That’s why we kicked off our Goal Gift Guide last week. Instead of just recommending gifts for your various loved ones, we shaped our guides around their goals, so that you can help them make those aspirations a reality in the coming year.

In the next few weeks, you can expect all sorts of content around celebrating the goodness of this season. And it will all be nestled under our brand new content collection, Comfort & Joy. Here you’ll find our holiday articles, pictures, and more, all with the intention of inspiring you to embrace the wonder of this time of year–all the tidings of comfort and joy.

Because it’s time we exhale and truly celebrate the most wonderful time of year.

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