Our June 2018 Power Word

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Every year like clockwork I make a new vision board. It's a series of maybe 50 or so pictures that are strung together and sit above my desk. When in doubt, I turn to it for inspiration and maybe a little guidance. Over the years, the pictures have changed. When I was a teenager, there were pictures of Hilary Duff, my dream college, New York City, and all the things I hoped to someday become.

Some things have changed and others have remained the same. I mean, you'd be hard-pressed to find a year where Elle Woods wasn't on the board. (We all have our fictional person, right?) But as we evolve, so do our deepest desires. Sometimes time edges us closer to the goals we once set and other times, we are redirected, whether that be intentional shifts or the world around us convincing us that we want something different. 

As I look up at my board today, there are some commonalities outside of a picture of Elle Woods. There's a magazine clipping that says, "Let the real you shine." The phrase is corny, yes, but I'm also fairly certain that every year something about authenticity finds its way onto my vision board. But then again, what is more powerful than being the greatest expression of yourself? What goal matters more than that? I think it's an aspiration we all possess.

Emily Weiss (great name, right? 😉), the wunderkind behind the makeup brand Glossier, was interviewed for the Girlboss podcast (episode here) and she spoke about self-actualization–the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities. She explained that we are in an age where women don't want to look like or be like another woman. They just want to be the best versions of themselves.

I doubt you'll find anyone arguing over that assessment. And it's a wonderful one, that's for sure. But in a time when individuality is our greatest asset, the question remains: how do we uncover our unique selves?

I think it starts with acceptance. 

We can have a vision board of who we want to be but at the end of the day, if that idea doesn't reflect who we are at our core, what does it matter? It's just a bunch of pictures of a life that isn't meant for us. In contrast, envisioning the life you want that is a true embodiment of yourself at it's most amplified volume is the first step to making that idea a reality. To get to that point where we can discern between what is an expression of ourselves and what is merely an illustration of someone else's life takes many internal truth talks.

To know who we are, we have to honor the truth that lies within our bones. Instead of wishing our natural selves were that of someone else, someone we admire, we must use that energy to accept the uniqueness that exists in every cell of our being.

Because when we fully accept all that we are, we make space to become all that we could be.

But acceptance is hard. I think it's especially hard when you're goal-oriented like I know you are. There's this intrinsic idea that if you work hard enough, you can become whoever you want. Without question, if you put your mind to something, you'll make it happen. But if you're trying to be someone else, you'll always come up short because you are neglecting your greatest superpower: yourself. 

We often talk about body acceptance, which is both extremely important and a clear shift in society. When I was making my vision boards as a teenager, body acceptance wasn't exactly what you'd find while combing through magazines. I'm overjoyed to think that maybe, just maybe, teenage girls today are a little closer to loving who they are than the generations of teenagers who came before them. 

However, we all have work to do. In a world filled with messages that try to instruct us on who we should be, we have to somehow find the mute button so we can hear that little voice that tells us who we want to be. And we have to know that that little voice is already enough just as she is. 

That's where the June Power word comes into play.

Our June Power Word is...

acceptance: (noun) general agreement that something is satisfactory or right

I know you're already enough, sister. And I like to think I know I'm enough. That doesn't mean the execution on that belief is fully there for any of us. Acceptance is a minute-by-minute practice that is a recipe of self-love, honesty, respect, and compassion. And we want to talk more about it.

All month long we'll be discussing the many angles of acceptance that we all must fulfill for the sake of our mind, body, and spirit. As per usual, we won't tell you how to find acceptance because, well, that's a personal journey, my friend. We will, however, dive deep into the conversations around it and explore our personal paths to acceptance and the many resources we've found along the way. 

What I love about the Spire & Co community is that, as part of our Spire Promises (which you can find here), we'll never tell you how to live. We'll let you define that for yourself. Instead, we'll walk the path with you because we are trotting down it ourselves. And we'll have our pom poms waving, cheering you on the whole way. 

So consider this month just one big, happy pep rally, where we'll be encouraging you and equipping you with the tools to love yourself for who are. Because I know, we all know, that when you do, when you fully embrace the radiance that lives within you, girl you're going to shine brighter than the summertime sun. 

I'm excited. Are you excited? I hope so. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the articles coming your way in June:

  • A self-love community challenge
  • The ultimate Spire Summer Bucket List
  • A look into imposter syndrome
  • More on my path to creating a capsule wardrobe (for the first part, click here!)
  • A how-to guide for traveling while you're balling on a budget
  • and so much more!

I'm putting on my sunglasses because your glow is about to get even brighter. 

What does acceptance meant to you? Share your insights in the comments with me!


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