Our March Intention: Declutter Your Life

Imagine if we took inventory of everything we own–from the clothes in our closet to our social media platforms. Let's say we listed each one on a spreadsheet on our computers. There would likely be things you did not even know you had. There may be some things you have but do not really want. And there would be a smaller fraction of things you actually love. But what about all of that other stuff? And what about taking inventory of the things that are clouding your mind? This March, it's time to declutter your life. We don't always notice how much we have because we are so focused on what we think we need next. And once we get whatever it is that we were working towards, we shift our vision to something else we desire. Meanwhile, we are racking up lots of things we don't need and sometimes, don't even want. Whether it is the pile of magazines you will never read or the social media account you check just because you think you have to, we have quite a lot of clutter.

We usually think of the excess of stuff as just that: stuff. But in our complex, digital world, the mess isn't just on our desks or in our medicine cabinets. It's our to do lists, coated with tasks that are sucking up time without adding real benefit to our lives. It's our social media news feeds, jam packed with posts that are often simply negative energy. It's even in our minds, where we let unnecessary stress pitch a tent and camp out for a while.

No matter the kind, clutter is like traffic. It delays our trip to being our best selves.

As we look towards Spring, we wanted to do more than just clean out our closets. We want to clean out our lives, physically and spiritually. This month, we will be taking inventory and doing some deep cleaning. We challenge you to declutter your life with us as well.

Here at Spire & Co, we try to create with intention with every move we make. Throughout March, you'll be seeing articles, interviews, downloads, ebooks, and videos all geared towards this declutter your life intention. Consider us your clean up crew.

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on excess stuff. So pull out the mop, grab some garbage bags, and polish your delete button. March is here and it's time for Spring cleaning.