What Podcasts the Spire & Co Team Loves

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In anticipation of the upcoming Spire Sessions podcast launch (it’ll be coming at you in the next few weeks!!), we asked the Spire & Co team for their favorite podcasts. If you haven’t yet hopped on the podcast bandwagon, give some of these a try. They are sure to hold you over until the launch of our very own podcast, hosted by Spire & Co founder Emily Raleigh, and featuring some pretty incredible women. These are the podcasts that we love, and very soon we hope you will be able to add our podcast to your list of favorites!

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Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

"There is no better way to start your morning than with this awe-inspiring podcast. Listen to the queen herself, Oprah, discuss spirituality with a diverse range of guests, and instantly have your mind put at ease. This podcast will open your mind and your heart, reminding you of all you have to be grateful for." –Emily Raleigh, Founder

Skimm’d From the Couch

"Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, cofounders of The Skimm, host this amazing podcast that features strong, inspirational women talking about their journey to success. It’s unique in that Danielle and Carly make a point to ask their guests about the less glamorous parts of rising to the top, reminding listeners that we all have to overcome challenges to reach our goals." –Bridget Conway, Podcast Intern


Crooked Media podcasts (Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Hysteria, Lovett or Leave It, and Crooked Conversations)

"Crooked Media was founded by former Obama staffers who wanted a place to have a smart and no-BS conversation about politics in an age when it seems like everyone is losing their minds. These podcasts aim to break down the more immediate news stories as well as larger and more ongoing issues in an easy-to-understand, sometimes funny way. The hosts are brilliant, wonky, and so much fun to listen to!" –Katie Labonte, Executive Editor


"This podcast is hosted by two women in their mid-30s who answer listeners’ questions about friendship issues. This is a great option for people who focus on improving and strengthening their relationships and could use a little help doing so. We all have room to grow, and this podcast reminds us how important growth within relationships is as well." –Camille Carr, Staff Writer

That's So Retrograde with Elizabeth Knott and Stephanie Simbari

"This comedic duo truly make you feel like you're one of their best friends while they share tons of helpful tips on how to elevate your life, along with the help of some special guru guests. This podcast presents self-care in a lighthearted and humorous way, getting rid of the stigma that it is something to be intimidated by. Pop culture and wellness are blended perfectly in this hilarious podcast." –Kristen Egan, Social Media Intern


Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

"I love how practical this podcast is! Jenna totally gets what it means to build a brand and I love the way she breaks down seemingly challenging concepts into easily digestible, simple tactics that anyone can implement. She keeps it real and she's the cheerleader every goal-oriented girl needs on her road to making them a reality." –Emily Raleigh, Founder

Guys We F*cked

"Two young women talk about sex, relationships, body positivity, and so much more, aiming to create an open discussion around topics that are usually avoided. Each episode features a male guest, adding in another layer of perspective for meaningful, but still fun, conversation. This podcast is funny, informative, and relevant to everyone." –Mary Libera, Staff Writer

The Daily

"This is another amazing news-focused podcast. It’s produced by the New York Times, and each episode focuses in on one story that a NYTimes reporter has been working on. Because it delves deeply into only one topic, you are basically an expert on whatever the topic of the day is once you finish the 20-minute podcast. This is a super interesting, really informative podcast that is great for anyone looking to learn a little bit more about journalism or politics." –Katie Labonte,  Executive Editor


Girlboss Radio

"I love Sophia Amoruso’s sense of humor, honesty, and her guests. She talks to females bosses from all different spectrums from entrepreneurs to WWE wrestlers. Her podcast is always informing yet entertaining." –Carly Mixon, Staff Writer


The Bustle Huddle and The Brave Exchange

"I like them because they focus on self-improvement and they are easy to listen to because there is a natural dialogue and banter. They make me feel motivated and inspired and are a great way for me to feel refreshed and even productive when it comes to self-motivation and improvement!"Corinne Vient, Social Media Intern


What's your favorite podcast? Share with us in the comments!


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