Pro Tips: How To Pack

Packing is the actual worst, even if it usually goes along with going on some sort of fun trip. It’s just so daunting. You’re just sitting there like, “I’m going to Florida for a week – I don’t know the first thing about what to pack, I just want to get there now.” Since we definitely can’t just hop on a plane and go on vacation without anything to wear (although we wouldn’t exactly object to a shopping spree while on vacation), we’ve compiled some of our best packing tips:

Look up the weather ahead of time.

Whether you’re a light packer or a not so light packer, one thing is for sure: you need to know what kind of weather situation you’re walking into. Get on the Internet and take a look at the forecast for wherever you’re going, and keep double-checking the closer you get to your departure. You’d hate to be stuck in a rainy place without a raincoat, or in a snowstorm without your Bean Boots.

Bring items you can wear more than once.

Ideally, you want to pack light; it’s just easier. To accomplish this, pack a bunch of staples that you can mix and match with smaller accessories to make the outfits different. Like that black maxi skirt you have? You can definitely wear that at least three times during your trip. Same goes for that cute chambray top you love. See where we’re headed with this?

Look up your favorite folding techniques.

This is a super weird suggestion, we know, but believe us, folding your clothes the right way is crucial when packing. While you definitely don’t want your clothes to get wrinkled, you also want to use your space efficiently. YouTube has some awesome tutorials for getting this done the way that works best for you.

Pick out your clothes in outfits.

Another great way to keep you from bringing random crap you don’t actually need is by looking at the clothes you have laid out and making them into outfits for each day. That way you’ll notice if maybe you’ll need an extra shirt or another bathing suit.

Make lists.

Lists work best for the little things that are easy to forget; if you’re going to Hawaii you won’t forget your bathing suit, but you might forget sunscreen (which is so important there). Make a full list of your toiletries and makeup that you’ll need.

To make sure you don’t leave anything off of your list, go through your makeup and shower routine in your head. When you see yourself reaching for a new product, write it down. Pro tip: pack this stuff in a plastic bag incase you have any spillage.

Always bring tampons. Always.

We don’t care if you had finished your period two days ago, always bring tampons or pads. Mother Nature could make you spot when you didn’t want to, or visit one of your travel companions. In the grand scheme of things, feminine products don’t take up much packing space, and you definitely won’t be mad you brought them even if you don’t use them.

Bring more underwear than you think you need.

Like we said above, you never know when Mother Nature will come a’knocking, looking to destroy all of your panties. Bring more underwear than you think you need and you will definitely be in business. Just like tampons and pads, underwear doesn’t take up much room, and it’s not like you’ll be mad if you don’t use it. You will be mad if you need an extra pair and you don’t have any.