Pro Tips: How To Use A Grill

Let’s end the stigma that guys can be the only ones using the grill. Get your kiss the cook apron on and get ready to add “grill-master” to your resume. It’s intimidating trying new things but have no fear, this step by step guide to using the grill will make you an expert in no time! First thing’s first, gather your supplies:

  • A Grill (obviously)
  • Metal grill tools (i.e. tongs, spatula, marinade brush, etc…)
  • Spices of choice
  • Meat/Tofu/Veggies for grilling

Before you do anything with the grill make sure you have done what you need to do with what you decide to grill (example: soaking meat overnight in marinade or putting vegetables on skewers.) Remember that the grill itself adds flavor so there’s no need to overdo seasonings. Once you have all of that prepared, set everything aside for grill preparation.

Turn on your grill to a desired heat setting depending on what your recipe calls for and what you’re cooking (meat is going to need a higher setting than tofu or vegetables.) Close the top and allow to heat for roughly ten minutes. This allows the bars of the grill to heat up.

Once the grill has heating, carefully place the food you chose to cook on the grill. Keep an eye on the food while it cooks and after a few minutes flip the food so that it cooks evenly. There’s no use in grilling delicious eats if one side of the food is going to be completely charred.

If you would like to increase flavor, feel free to use the marinade brush to add a bit more sauce or marinade to your food. It mixes in with the smoky flavor the grill gives the food and creates a delicious mix of flavors.

To make sure the meat has cooked thoroughly, you can either use a meat thermometer to check temperature of food or you can cut into the food with a knife to check coloring. It’s important to make sure the meat (especially) is cooked all the way through.

When the food has cooked thoroughly use a metal spatula or tongs to take it off the grill. Make sure once you are done cooking with the grill it gets turned off entirely. Now that you’ve had a crash course in grilling, go out there and show the world your grilling skills!