How To Protect Your Inner Peace

photo via  @aerie

photo via @aerie

Being "selfish” and indulging in self-care have become big buzzwords this year. People are finally standing up and saying that is okay to take care of yourself before you do anything else. Protecting your inner peace is directly in line with that vein.

I’ve learned that my peace and energy is something that I alone get to control and I am solely responsible for protecting it. If I wanted to stop feeling sad and irritated all the time, I had to look at what I was allowing around me and start making some cuts.

Protecting your peace is a journey and it will not be easy. But once you get real about the things that are negatively affecting you and take some action to correct it, you will begin to feel better. Here are three spaces you can clean up to make your mood more peaceful and serene.

Social Media

Social media is so integral to our lives. For some people, having social media at all is too much for them to take. For others, it is how they connect and express themselves in a space that is comfortable for them. But we can all find ways to clean up our social media content so that it is better for us emotionally. Unfollow people who spew hate and negativity. Mute topics and accounts that ruffle your feathers. This is your timeline and there is no person or topic you have to see on it without your permission.

I have found that liberally using my unfriend, block, and mute options have helped social media continue to be an enjoyable space for me while also not letting one small piece of content ruin my day.


It’s a tough thing to realize, but sometimes your very friends can get in the way of your peace and tranquility. Remember that no friendship is a good one if you go away from every interaction feeling unsettled. Friends should be a source of support and camaraderie in your life.

I am not saying that any friend who has ever rubbed you the wrong way should get the ax, but you do need to examine what people you spend your core time with. And even then, if you think about it and find something you don’t like, they still don’t need the boot. We are all human and sometimes you have to show others how you need to be loved and supported. Have a real honest conversation with your friend. Hopefully, they will understand and you two can move forward happy and content.

You can also find ways that work for you to hang out. Maybe only go to dinner or see that person three times a week instead of five. Whatever works best for you and your friendship with that person.

Your Business

Sometimes, you just need a drama detox. Try to stop talking about your business to everyone and only mind your own for a bit. You will be shocked how much nicer life gets when no one knows every little detail of your life and you don’t know every detail of theirs. It’s easy to fall into a routine with your friends and loved ones where all the cards are on the table. But sometimes, that isn’t best. You can be there for people without knowing every single detail if it's at the expense of your mental health.

There are some things you need to ruminate on your own, thoughts you need to keep to yourself, and issues that only those affected need to know about. Not sharing your whole life with someone you care about is not a betrayal. It is stressful and hard to worry about everyone else’s problems on top of your own. Sometimes, you just need to keep your nose down and say, “not my circus, not my monkeys” and move along.

Your peace is yours alone to protect. You can’t let everything in the world rattle your spirit. You need to make sure that you can have contentment outside of all the external influences. Maintaining your peace keeps everything else in perspective, helps you hold your composure, and move throughout the day with a smile on your face. Sometimes you can’t help having something going on that keeps you a little on edge, but 90% of the time, you can have a better emotional day by just being conscious of what influences your demeanor. And in doing that, you open up space to channel that energy to positively impact the world around you. Sounds like a better use of time, right?


How do you protect your inner peace? Share with us in the comments!


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