11 Of Our Readers' Hopes For International Day Of The Girl


If you had one wish for girls around the world, what would it be? October 11th marks the annual International Day of the Girl, a day of remembrance created by the United Nations that hopes to continue the conversation on supporting women and girls globally. Any news outlet will tell you that is a conversation far from over. There are over 65 million girls around the world who are denied basic education, according to UNICEF. In some nations, girls are forced into marriages before their tenth birthday. In others, they are denied basic human rights simply because of their gender. And even in nations with more opportunities for women, such as the United States, gender equality still has not been accomplished.

But here's the good news: the global community is working on it.

There are countless organizations, campaigns, and initiatives across many industries created to help women succeed, and we like to count ourselves a part of that. That is why today, on International Day of the Girl, we are joining Memunatu to support their Empowering Innovation panel in Washington D.C.

With that in mind, we asked some of our readers what their hopes are for themselves and women globally in the spirit of International Day of the Girl.

"That someday every girl gets to graduate from high school."

"My hope is that women earn the same amount of money as men for equal work."

"On International Day of the Girl, my wish is for girls all over the world to not be scared to get an education. I hope stories like Malala Yousafzai become something we learn about in history classes like women not having the right to vote in the U.S."

"That governments do their part to end child marriages and female genital mutilation. And that they do it quickly."

"I hope someday we aren't surprised when a woman runs for President, and I hope more nations have female leaders in the public and private sectors."

"I hope my daughters go to school and learn more about the women who have transformed the world. We need more 'her-story' and less 'history.'"

"That more women entrepreneurs all over the world receive the support they need to get their businesses off the ground. Those businesses support families, communities, and countries."

"I hope no girl ever has to miss school because of her menstrual cycle and that periods become less of a taboo subject."

"I hope media in all its forms does a better job representing women and telling their stories."

"That campus sexual assault, and all forms of sexual assault all over the world, are taken more seriously by those in leadership positions. The more serious the consequence, the less likely it is to happen. In addition, I hope those who have suffered such horrible crimes receive the care and support they so deserve."

"I hope every girl, no matter where she was born or whom she was born to, has the same opportunity to lead a fulfilling life."

Memunatu is a social enterprise that empowers teen girls in West Africa through positive media, specifically their classroom magazine that is distributed through secondary schools in countries including Sierra Leone and Liberia. Today, they are taking their efforts to Washington D.C. for a cross industry panel, called Empowering Innovation. The panel will showcase stories and experiences of women and girls in game changing spaces such as technology, humanities, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

If you are in Washington D.C. tonight and are interested in attending the Empowering Innovation panel, get your tickets here and get 50% off with the code "MaggieMGuest16". You can follow along with Memunatu on Facebook and Twitter, @MemunatuMag.

What are your hopes for girls around the world? Tell us in the comments!