Ready, Set, Goal: Disconnect

If you are anything like us, you live on your phone. They seem to be the first thing we grab when we wake up, and the last thing we see before we close our eyes. Although we love posting pictures on Instagram, staying connected with friends and family, and tweeting a play-by-play of our best and worst moments throughout the day, sometimes it is important to just disconnect and be with yourself. Our goal this week is to disconnect, even just a little more than usual, from all the screens that take up our time and fill in the gaps and lulls during our day. We are looking to find other, more mindful ways to spend our time this week, and we’re recruiting you to try it out, too! So let’s get started on this week's Ready, Set, Goal and disconnect, unplug and turn off our virtual worlds. Ready, Set Goal Disconnect

1. Book: Target/2. Nail Polish: Barneys New York/3. Face Mask: Barneys New York/4. Blanket: One Kings Lane Vintage/5. Craft Supplies: Kohl's/6. Book: Target/7. Coloring Book: Gilt/8. Journal: Nordstrom/9. Book: Target/10. Sneakers: NET-A-PORTER/11. Duster: Target

Disconnect by… crafting.

Now is the time to pull out all those DIYs you’ve been meaning to try, but never seem to have the time. Delve into your innermost crafty, artsy self and get creative. Check out how to make old jeans into cute shorts and an old t-shirt into a pillow. Another idea is to try out some recipes you’ve had on your mind. We are loving Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings for new, delicious meals.

Disconnect by… treating your self.

Take some time to treat yourself! By putting down your phone and computer, you’ll be surprised how much more free time you’ll have for yourself. So go ahead, paint your nails, use a exfoliating face mask, and take a nice, long shower.

Disconnect by… releasing stress.

Although you may think you are releasing stress while scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, studies have proven that the effect of looking at screens for a certain amount of time actually adds stress, which is especially damaging right before bed. To avoid this extra stress in your life, try to find ways to unwind that doesn’t involve any screens at all. What are our favorites? We love releasing stress by writing in a journal, going for a walk, reading books and magazines, meditating, coloring, and even a nap.

So what are you waiting for? Ready, Set, Goal.