Ready, Set, Goal: Get Healthier Hair

Let’s get real. Of course you want healthier hair. I mean, who doesn’t? However, we’ve all heard of or tried our fair share of exotic remedies that either 1. Don’t work or 2. The ingredients are so foreign that you couldn’t get your hands on them even if you wanted to. That’s why this week, we’re showing you how to give your hair the healthy detox it needs, with products you can easily find in your local pharmacy or simple fixes to bad habits you may not even know you have. So give some love to your hair this week and dedicate yourself to a healthy hair routine that will last a lifetime. Ready, Set Goal Hair

1. Ionic Blow Dryer: 2. Touch-up Creme: Target/3. Heat Protection Spray: Target/4. Deep Conditioner: Target/5. Hair Ties: DERMSTORE/6. Scissors: Macy's/7. Hair Brush: Tilly's/8. Restorative Shampoo: Nordstrom/9. Deep Conditioner: Sally Beauty/10. Moisturizing Protein Pack: Sally Beauty/11. Hair Rituals Set: AHAlife/ 12. Hair Barrette: Urban Outfitters

Get Healthier Hair by… washing correctly.

I know you’ve heard some story along the lines of someone who stopped washing their hair all together and now it supposedly has a ridiculous amount of shine and softness. Although this “no washing” tactic is completely unrealistic, there is actually some truth behind it. Now, we’re not asking you to completely stop washing your hair; however, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to wash less. Studies have shown that washing your hair 2-3 times a week has allowed for hair’s natural oils to work themselves in, giving you more of a natural shine than any product could produce. Also, it’s important to note that when you do wash your hair, you should make sure you’re using the right type of shampoo. Try a restorative shampoo like the one we chose in order to break the cycle of dry, damaged hair.

Get Healthier Hair by… losing the heat.

I know it’s hard to believe nowadays, but hair wasn’t originally meant to be flattened by two blazing hot pieces of metal clamped down on one another; and although I do love styling my hair as much as the next girl, I know it’s not really the best thing I can do for my hair. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with using styling tools on your hair once in awhile (with the use of a heat protection spray), just make sure you’re using the right tools and definitely not every day. For example, invest in an ionic blow dryer. These types of blow dryers emit charged particles that allow for quicker drying without the forcing of the cuticle to lie flat and cause breakage. Another easy tip to getting healthy hair is to shampoo your hair in lukewarm water opposed to burning hot water. Like styling tools, the scalding hot water can lead to breakage and overall weaker, drier hair.

Get Healthier Hair by… styling smarter.

Even though we are promising to take some time off from styling tools, this doesn’t mean we are willing to give up on styling our hair all together. A fun way to style hair without heat is by using a unique barrette to form a half-up half-down look. Another idea is to bring back the braid. French and waterfall braids are becoming increasingly popular right now, so don't be afraid to give those a try. Additionally, the most simple way is to rock the ponytail. Ponytails never go out of style, so you can never fail with completing a look with a high pony. However, when wearing a ponytail, be sure to use hair ties that have cloth wrapped around the elastic tie in order to avoid hair breakage.

So what are you waiting for? Ready, Set, Goal.