Ready, Set, Goal: Get More Sleep

Ahhh, goals. Easy to set. Not so easy to keep. At least, not with out some friends to cheer you on. But we are all in this together, right? With that in mind, we are kicking off a brand new series here at Spire & Co: "Ready, Set, Goal". Each week, we'll kick off Monday with some kind of goal someone in our SPIRE community has and we'll round up products that serve as a goal setting starter kit and a few tips for accomplishing that ambition.

For our first edition of Ready, Set, Goal, we asked ourselves, what is the one goal everyone wants to set, enjoys working towards, and majorly benefits from? Sleeping!

We all want to get more sleep, but it isn't that easy, considering you have seemingly thousands of things on your to do list everyday. The only way to truly get the seven to eight recommended hours of sleep is to be intentional about it.

Get More Sleep by...creating the proper sleeping environment.


1. Pillow: Nordstrom / 2. Candle: Voluspa / 3. Slippers: Lord & Taylor / 4. Sleeping Mask: Kohl's / 5. Vintage Tea Cup: JC Penny / 6. Counting Sheep Coffee: Bed Bath & Beyond / 7. Effortless Relaxation CD: Target / 8. Beauty Sleep Mask: Open Sky / 9. Natural Air Purifying Bag: Uncommon Goods / 10. PJ Set: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren / 11. Blanket: JC Penny / 12. Socks: Forever21

Get More Sleep by...setting an alarm for bedtime.

Don't just determine when you need to wake up. Once you know what time you need to rise and shine, set an alarm for at minimum seven hours before that. At that time, you should be turning off the lights, ready for bed.

Get More Sleep by...unplugging.

"Instagram made me do it."

This shouldn't be your I'm-so-tired excuse. Totally disconnect from texting, social media, emails, and any other electronic distraction at least 30 minutes before bed. Studies show that you'll have a better night's rest and it is much better for your eyes.

Pro tip: Take that extra 30 minutes to read!

Get More Sleep by...planning ahead.

Set your outfit out the night before. Pack your lunch after dinner. Prep your coffee maker so all you have to do is click a button.

You'll be able to sleep later if you are more organized. Plus, you'll be less stressed, which will make for a much better morning.

The best part about the get more sleep goal is it isn't grueling. You are giving yourself more time to relax and recharge. Plus, the benefits are outstanding. You'll be more present, more energized, and more relaxed throughout your day.

So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, goal.