Ready, Set, Goal: Have a Picnic

This week's Ready, Set, Goal is all about celebrating friends and the beautiful weather. Right now we are giving you a mission to have a picnic,that is 1. super cute and picture worthy, and 2. that also lets you relax and enjoy the company of others. Taking some time to be outdoors and hanging out with friends and family is a great way to unwind and take advantage of Spring. So go ahead, have an awesome picnic this week, you won't regret it. Ready, Set Goal Have a picnic

1. Picnic Basket: Kohl's/2. Utensils: Target/3. Tank Top: Free People/4. Plates: Kohl's/5. Cups: Pier 1 Imports/6. Jeans: Napkins: Crate & Barrel/8. Shoes: Speaker: Kate Spade/10. Picnic Blanket: Kate Spade/11. Hat: Saks Fifth Avenue

Have a Picnic by... being creative.

Don't worry about having the most gourmet lunch sandwiches or the cutest picnic blanket, the most important thing about a picnic is spending time with friends and enjoying a beautiful day. So go ahead and use paper plates, cups, and a towel as a blanket if necessary. A picnic is everything you make it! Get creative and use whatever you have available to make your picnic the best ever.

Have a Picnic by... being adventurous.

Head over to your nearest park and pick a great place for your picnic. Don't be afraid to explore in order to find the best spot. Some parks even have little hills or gazebos surrounding them, so be sure to check that out. If there aren't any parks around, you can always try out a local beach or any sort of quad and empty grass space.

Have a Picnic by... dressing the part.

A picnic is all about relaxing and enjoy friends and the weather, so let your outfit represent that. We choose a pair of boyfriend jeans and a laid back, loose tank top for our picnic style. Also a pair of cute, strappy flats will tie the outfit together and a big, floppy hat will protect you from the sun during your meal.

So what are you waiting for? Ready, Set, Goal.