Ready, Set, Goal: Run a Race

Our goal this week is challenging, yet so rewarding. If you have ever thought about running a race, now is the time to get started. However, we understand that this goal can become overwhelming so we’ve compiled some essential items to make your training as fun and inspirational as possible. Although running doesn’t require much equipment, it does require a lot of commitment and little bit of style, so from sneakers to stopwatches, we have you covered. Good luck and get training! Run a race

Motivational Sign: Kohl's/ 2. Watch: Soleus/ 3. Headphones: Nicole Miller/ 4. Book: Target/ 5. Shirt: Nike/ 6. Sports Bra: Adidas/ 7. Athletic Belt: Adidas/ 8. Workout Leggings: Kohl's/ 9. Sneakers: Nike/ 10. Jacket: Adidas/11. Socks: Target/12. Foam Roller: Target

Run a Race by…staying hydrated.

One of the most important ways to run a successful race is by staying hydrated. The average person needs about half a gallon of water to stay hydrated. Now, if you’re training for a race, your body will require even more than that, possibly even double that amount. This Nike water bottle will motivate you to keep sipping on that H2O.

Run a Race by…dressing the part.

An easy way to maintain your motivation is to dress the part of a race runner. Your workout gear should be as dedicated and fun as you are, so treat yourself to some bold workout wear to kickstart and maintain your training. Bonus: these workout leggings are super cute and under $30.

Run a Race by…taking care of yourself.

Running a race is an exciting and gratifying goal, but you won’t be able to get very far if you are not taking care of yourself. It’s important to give your muscles some love after a hard workout, and this foam roller will definitely do the trick. Also, another vital aspect of training is to eat well. Eating well will transform your running workouts and allow you to reach every goal you set, one mile at a time. The book we choose is a must read for anyone preparing to run a race and will help you get your meals in order and allow you to successfully reach your goal of successfully running a race.

So what are you waiting for? Ready, Set, Goal.