Renewal Reading, Volume 12


Summer Fridays are just different, right? Whether or not you're closing out of responsibilities early for the weekend, there's just something about Fridays that leaves you with an extra dose of positive energy. This weekend is a bittersweet one for me. It's our last weekend at home on the Jersey Shore before we rent out our house for the remainder of August. It's the first summer in a while that I've been able to come down nearly every weekend and it's been one of the most gratifying, reenergizing seasons of life I've had in a while. As you can imagine, it'll be difficult to get back on the bus on Monday morning. But we'll soak it in while it lasts, staying on the beach until we can barely see the pathway home, taking bike rides for ice cream, and, hopefully, squeezing in a sail at some point.

It got me thinking about this week's Renewal Reading. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, the summer is nearing its end. And while I love fall just as much as the next girl, Fridays in the fall don't have the same feeling as a summer Friday, you know what I mean?

So soak up the goodness of this summer weekend. If there's something you've been dying to do, don't let yourself wait until next weekend again. And why don't we all strive to make memories, not Instagrams. We could all use a little less time on social media and more time enjoying the wonder that is right in front of us in real life.

Wherever this weekend takes you, here's some of my favorite finds from around the web this week, perfect for the commute home, relaxing with a good cup of coffee, or a quick beach read.

Source: The Golden Girl

From around the web:

3 self-defense moves every girl should know.

This article by Jennie Trower, co-founder of Jarrett & Jennie Self-Defense, M.A.M.A.® (Mothers Against Malicious Acts), and Customized Self-Defense for Women for Camille Styles is one of those pieces that every girl should both read and bookmark for the occasional refresher.

Aspiring to work in magazines or media? This is for you.

My friend Hannah Orenstein is a media rockstar. She interned at every major magazine and scored a job at after graduating from college. Now, she's their Assistant Features Editor, covering all kinds of content that matters to girls, AND she's about to publish her first book, Playing With Matches.

If you have career ambitions in the media and magazine space, subscribe to her new newsletter, where she'll be passing along all that she has learned so you can score your dream job, too. And trust me, there's no one who has better advice than Hannah. Subscribe here.

Should you work for free?

We've all been there. You are trying to advance your career or get your name out there, and someone offers you an opportunity to do just that. Then you find out you'd be working for free. Is it worth it? This Create & Cultivate piece is here to help and like they said, makes a great brunch conversation.

How to pull yourself out of a rut.

This post by Jess from The Golden Girl hits close to home. If you're feeling less than your usual self, check it out this weekend.

3 ways to unplug this weekend.

In an effort to make more memories, check out this article from Girlboss about simple ways you can unplug. I'm definitely planning to use #3 this weekend!

Source: Brittnee Blair

From Spire & Co:

Yes! This week we are switching things up. We have so many meaningful articles that are published every week on Spire & Co, so I'll round up two each week that I think you'll especially love.

Lessons from a falling out with my best friend.

When I read Elle's articles, I always feel like I'm reading a love story to my soul. This one is no exception. If there's a relationship in your life that is less than ideal right now, read her article this weekend.

5 body-positive Instagram accounts you should follow.

Kristen's selection is spot on. A few of these accounts I wasn't already following and their encouraging spirit is something we all need in the sometimes disheartening environment that exists on Instagram. (Also, Brittnee Blair tweeted at us and I may or may not have happy danced around my living room.) Check out the post here.

Have a great weekend!