Renewal Reading, Volume 2


We know what you’re thinking: What. A. Week. Am I right? The energy of a fresh start that comes with a new year is starting to wear off. The concept of slipping back into life as we knew it is sounding more and more enticing. Perhaps your new year, more you intentions are even starting to seem not worth it. Are you feeling that sentiment? Same. But we know your built with more gusto than that. If you set out with any intention this year, be it a resolution or not, let’s use this weekend to channel our inner warrior and attack next week and coming month with all the strength we hold in our core.

With that in mind, we rounded up our favorite reads from around the web this week. May they be the light source you need to be the light in your life and in those around you. Happy weekend, girlfriend. You deserve it.


Feeling alone these days? It actually can be a transformative experience and doesn't mean you have to be lonely, according to this article by The Everygirl.

Does the winter air have you craving coziness? Try out the Danish art of coziness–hygge–this weekend. They are the happiest people in the world, after all, so they've got to be onto something.


Kristen Bell talked about her top five tips for self-care on Shine Text, and let's just say we'll all be adding these to our to do list as we walk into next month.

It's a hot topic right now: mental health supplements. These are five supplements that Well+Good suggest testing out.

If you've ever tried to shop for an avocado and find yourself struggling over ripeness, this new sticker could be a game changer.

Style & Beauty

With Mary Tyler Moore's passing this week, there have been many well deserved celebrations of the icon's life. If you are reading this while wearing pants, you may have her to thank. Find out why here.

This renown facialist shared her top skincare tips on Into The Gloss this week and her last tip is filled with good news for those of us balling on a budget.


We couldn't recap this week's best reads without something on the Women's March, right? This article, "Protests, Parties, and Sports Games All Fill the Same Human Need" illuminates just what it is about a march that does so much for the human spirit.

We really weren't sure what was better news this week: Hamilton is making a Super Bowl appearance AND Devil Wears Prada is coming to Broadway!


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