Renewal Reading, Volume 8


Happy Friday, girlfriend! Summer Fridays take TGIF to a whole new level, don’t you think?

We’ve rounded up some good finds this week to add to the uplifting vibes of summertime. No matter what your week looked like, consider these links our little love letters to you for an abundant, peaceful first weekend of June.

Speaking of June, did you catch our brand new power word? We are so looking forward to a month filled with big, bold, beautiful moves forward.

Alright, let’s get down to it, shall we? Here’s some of our favorite finds from around the web this week.

Source: Draper James

An inspiring Q&A with social entrepreneur, Nyakio Grieco of ethical skincare brand, Nyakio.

This first generation Kenyan America, Nyakio Grieco, is the founder of nyakio, which features globally inspired and ethically and sustainably sourced products like Kenyan Coffee Face Polish, Chinese Rice Exfoliating Cleansing Powder, and Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil. Our favorite part of this Draper James interview is her answer to the question, how do you define giving back?

Source: Elsa's Wholesome Life

Feeling spread too thin? Read this.

The Everygirl’s co-founder, Danielle Moss, wrote a piece for her blog about the surefire signs you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Source: Kris Carr

Kris Carr says you’re not broken and knowing that is the first step to self-acceptance.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking that you’re in need of fixing, read this transformative take on brokenness and true healing on Kris Carr's blog.

Source: Wharton

This commencement address is all the motivation you may ever need.

Wharton MBA grad Dante Pearson’s address was totally inspiring, equally funny, and completely transformative. Sneak peek: "We're running out of time to be the person we already say that we are.”

Source: Girlboss

An extrovert’s guide to communicating like a pro.

While the conversation is usually around introverts, extroverts need help communicating, too. If you fall into the extroverted category, check out this guide by Girlboss, which pulls research from the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University Southeast.

Source: We the People

Feel like you’re chasing happiness? Stop.

This Shine Text post is a game changer in finding contentment in the journey, rather than being hyper focused on the destination.

Source: Camille Styles

Why willpower is dumb and what it actually takes to change your life.

If you’re feeling like it’s impossible to make something happen no matter how hard you work, this Thrive Global article illustrates what could be the reason why.

Source: Zulily

How to make this your healthiest summer yet.

Well+Good, the go-to resource for your wellness needs, kicked off a new guide to having a memorable, healthy summer. Bookmark the landing page and each day, they’ll add a new how to that you can do to make your summer #goals you can appreciate all year long.

featured image by Hello Giggles