Renewal Reading, Volume 9


You did it–you conquered another week. Snaps to you, girl. What are your plans for the weekend ahead? We've been loving your responses to our June power word and corresponding content. Need a refresher? Click here to learn how we are making bold moves this month and how you can too. In the same spirit, we are shaking things up with this edition of Renewal Reading and are highlighting our favorite stories of bold, badass women from around the web. Because we could all use a little shot of inspiration before the weekend, right?

Let's get to it.

Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot is just as inspiring as her character.

Source: Variety

This GLAMOUR interview may be from a few months ago, but it feels particularly relevant now that the movie is in theaters. If you haven't seen the film yet, don't walk, RUN, to the movie theater this weekend. Trust us, you're going to be so inspired by the time the credits roll that you'll want to lift up a car or save the human race–both the kinds of things Wonder Woman (and women in general!) can do.

Already read this GLAMOUR piece? Check out this recent interview with Gal Gadot for Marie Claire or this mind blowing BuzzFeed article on how she filmed while she was pregnant (yep, you read that right).

This woman has her eyes on becoming the first female African American governor in the nation.

Source: Washington Post

According to this Washington Post story on her, on top of her work as a Yale-educated lawyer and business executive, she has started an organization that has registered 200,000 new voters in Georgia and in her free time, she writes romance novels.

She spent 20 years learning about feminism in Africa and now she's leading Women for Women International.

The FBomb interviewed Laurie Adams on her career in empowering women, and what she and Women for Women International are doing to support women on a global and local level.

Hilary Swank wants you to live your personal mission statement.

Source: Man Repeller

You know how most articles on celebrities stick to surface level concepts? Not this one. Man Repeller covered everything from Hilary Swank's morning routine to the underlying intention she has for her new business, Mission Statement, and she gets real personal about the trials and tribulations of creating something from the ground up.

The co-founders of mindbodygreen have built a brand on wellness and learned about lifelong health along the way.

The co-founders sat down with Jordan Younger on the Balanced Blonde Podcast to talk about what it's like to build a brand that provides inspirational wellness content to over 10 million people each month, and what they've learned about the wellness journey in the process.

These female app developers are taking us inside their world.

Source: Marie Claire

Marie Claire showcased 10 Silicon Valley female app developers and asked them all about their experiences in the male-dominated space and what they believe it takes to create a good digital product.

feature image by DC Entertainment, Warner Bros.