Fast Facts You Should Know About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an incredibly interesting and livable disease that is defined by a curvature in the spine. It can be more pronounced in some people, but in others it can be completely unnoticeable. However, in either case, girls are more likely to develop scoliosis than boys, which is sort of depressing. That being said, there are a few facts you should know about the disease: Young girls get scoliosis more frequently.

Yes, it’s true. While scoliosis has the ability to affect anyone, the disease is most commonly seen in tween and teen girls The most common type is idiopathic scoliosis, most frequently found in adolescent girls. Exactly why girls are more likely to suffer from scoliosis is unknown at this time and is an enigma I personally am working to eliminate during my second semester of college this year.

There isn’t just one diagnosis.

Scoliosis, like many diseases, is very complex. A person can have temporary scoliosis in which the spine is only temporarily curved and medical doctors, via surgery, have the ability to correct for the abnormality in the spine curvature. There are also structural issues in which scoliosis is the product of a birth defect, resulting in a permanent curve that patients unfortunately have to live with. Injuries, infection, and disease can also result in the development of scoliosis.

All treatment is not the same.

If one person is diagnosed with scoliosis, they may not receive the same treatment as any other human being diagnosed with scoliosis; it’s not like the flu. Instead, physicians can choose to treat from a variety of different perspectives including bracing and surgery.

Exercise does not keep scoliosis from worsening.

While some people may believe that making sure to increase the amount of time spent exercising can keep existing scoliosis from worsening, this is unfortunately untrue. Recent studies have shown that exercise does not actually cause scoliosis to get any better. Even though exercise can benefit our bodies in other methods, it will not cause any change for the better in making the life of someone with scoliosis easier.

Disease has a way of sneaking up on you and taking over life without warning. However, there a quick and easy facts we should all know about it so that we can either be more aware of what the lives of people around us or like, or what to do if we have a disease.