4 Self-Care Practices For Going Through A Breakup

4 Self-Care Practices For Going Through A Breakup

Relationships are such a unique and fantastic part of life. But sometimes, the fun wears off and people breakup. After recently going through a serious breakup, I found that self-care is a MAJOR component to the healing process.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with the pain and hurt that comes with a breakup, especially bad ones. If you want to cry into a bowl of ice cream while watching Titanic, do it. If you want to hit the gym and take your anger out on some weights, do it. As long as you are not putting yourself or others in dangerous situations, you have the green light to do what you need to do.

I found that a few specific self-care practices worked for me over those weeks where the breakup was still really fresh.

1. Distract, distract, distract

I did not want to sit and dwell on what had just happened in my relationship, so I kept my brain busy. I hung out with friends constantly. I tried everything on Netflix that looked even remotely interesting. Distracting myself kept me from going down the rabbit hole of confusion and sadness. The unfortunate part is that this does not work when it is bedtime.

2. Unplug and disconnect

Deleting people from social media is always seen as a petty and childish move, but sometimes it is necessary to mute them. If you just went through a breakup, you don’t need to see what your former significant other is doing. It will further enrage you and keep your from focusing on what you need moving forward.

3. Get out of the house.

Even a homebody like me could not deal with being in the house all the time during my breakup. Get some fresh air. Have a night out with the girls. Don’t just sit in your house.

4. Keep living.

The show must go on. Things are still happening: work, bills, TV shows. Don’t let the breakup immobilize you. This won’t be easy. I’ve cried plenty in the bathroom at work. But I showed up. I kept doing what I could. And that is the important part. Keep pushing. You are strong enough.
Breakups are rough, and as much as I wish everyone could find their special person and stay together, sometimes you have to break up. Breakups don’t last forever and can be a really empowering experience. It can center and focus you. And it can remind you how much you are worth and what you deserve.
So take care of yourself and rebuild your emotional strength.