Self-Imposed Stress And How To Conquer It


What represents stress in your life? Maybe it's the classes for that degree you are pushing for, or working long hours at the office. Maybe it's trying to squeeze in time with friends or finagling time with family. Heck, maybe it's simply trying to find time with yourself. Bills, deadlines, relationships...the list goes on and on. But the question at hand is: when is it all too much? When should we throw our caution to the wind and leave stress at the door? Tamar Chansky, Ph.D. said, "We don't have to be as stressed as we are".

Chansky also challenges her patients to "take a minute and commit to eliminating the unnecessary self-imposed sources of stress in your life."

In the same spirit, let's make an attempt to phase out all exterior anxieties that cause upheaval in our lives. Let's combat self-imposed stresses once and for all.

What does stress look like?

First and foremost, a clear understanding of self is necessary in evaluating these stresses. Are you a student that pushes for that 4.0 GPA? Or maybe you are the type of employee that has to do the best out of the entire staff. Whatever "finish lines" you may place for yourself, chances are that these are the things that are weighing you down. Chances are that these self-imposed goals or "finish lines" are what is holding you back from the freedom of stress relief.

How do you combat the stress from worthy ambitions?

On one hand it is great to larger than life goals, but on the other, it is not okay to drive yourself towards total burnout over these said goals. There needs to be some semblance of balance in our energies. Sure, it's easy enough to say that we are going to practice balance but how can we actually follow through when our big, bold dreams seem so much more important in our minds? It starts with priorities and our mindset. We can push against the harsh standards we place upon ourselves and actually combat these anxieties with actions.

I know this from first-hand experience that if you have monumental life goals, it is no easy feat to put the corresponding stresses to rest. The stress that you are never doing enough. The stress that you are not good enough or smart enough. The stress that you will never get to where you want to be in life. But before you can combat these fears, you need to shut them out.

First, respectfully tell your fears to shove it. How can you achieve these outstanding and fearless goals with stress clouding your brain? That is a process in and of itself, and that process does look differently for everyone. Pro tip: start with this e-book and then, practice confidently listening to your soul. That will serve as a solid foundation for lowering the volume of your fears.

Second, practice remembering that you are enough in every aspect of your life–where you are, where you've been, and where you are going. These negative thoughts are there to scare you and if you are ambitious enough to dream wildly, channel that bravery towards your fears, conquering them the same way you'd conquer anything else.

And lastly, the most important step in ridding these stresses from your life is examining your entire life and eliminating anything that does not contribute to your overall happiness, well-being, and future success. Set your self-worth so high that you wouldn't spend a moment wasting your time doing or thinking about something that is not entirely worthwhile for you. You have the tools in your back pocket to succeed without fear.

You already have incredible life goals. You are already reaching for the moon. You are already initiating a complete and utter renaissance in your life. All you needed was a pep talk. I hope you are inspired, prepared and most of all, I hope that you feel ready to combat self-imposed pressures and stresses in order to achieve a life filled with glass-ceiling shattering moments. Go get 'em.