30 Days of Self-Love Challenge: Week 3

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Welcome back to the third week of the Spire & Co 30 Days to Self-Love Challenge! For week #1 and week #2, please click here.


Week 3: Begin a Daily Gratitude Practice

It’s week three! You’re halfway through Spire & Co’s 30 Days to Self-Love Challenge and we hope you’re feeling as loved, cherished, seen, and heard as we are. Week Three is all about cultivating a gratitude practice in order to welcome more love and light into the relationship we have with ourselves. Recently, the concept of gratitude has certainly taken over in the health and wellness community - and for good reason. There are countless articles and studies popping up discussing the importance expressing gratitude in every part of our lives — for our happiness, our relationships, and our overall feeling of self-worth. But what does it mean to create and live out a gratitude practice that’s right for us?

For starters, amidst the consumer culture that has taken hold over the wellness space, it’s important to spell out what a gratitude practice is not. It’s not about buying a new candle, having to pay for a membership to a yoga studio, or trying the latest and greatest adaptogen. Gratitude costs nothing and can give us everything. It can be as simple as setting aside five minutes every single morning, taking deep cleansing breaths, and listing off three things that you are grateful for. That’s it. You can write them down, say them out loud, or just meditate on them silently in your head.

In order to hone in on yourself and your relationship with yourself in specific, focus on what you’re grateful for when it comes to you. Maybe it’s your ability to master new recipes, the way you are able to graciously comfort a friend in need, or how well you handled a difficult situation with a coworker. Look deep inside yourself and feel a sense of gratitude, love, and pride for who you are and what you are capable of.

Because the truth is, gratitude shifts our perspective. It leads us into our day not in anger or fear, but in love and in joy.

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Melody Beattie put it best when she said, “gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Challenge yourself to create a sustainable gratitude practice that you are able to bring into your everyday life. This week, jot down how you feel each day after engaging with this practice. Did you feel calmer, more at peace with yourself, and altogether lighter?

You deserve to feel peace with yourself and with the world around you. Use gratitude as a tool to help you get there.

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