Our September 2018 Power Word

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I. Love. September.

I love it for all the reasons most people love it. The energy that comes with back to school season. The cool but comfortable temperatures outside. The welcome of pumpkin spice everything and sweater weather. 

But I also love it for another reason. It's the time of year when I get a new planner.

There are few things that bring me more joy than planning. I love to curl up with my planner and set big goals. I love diving into the nitty-gritty details of how each goal will get accomplished. I love to talk about plans. And I love to keep planners long after their dates run out as almost a form of diaries that I can look back on in the years to come.

I just moved this past weekend from New York City to Boston. As with all moves, when you're packing up, you find all sorts of buried treasures from yesteryear. Among mine, I found planners dating back to high school. So with Kelsea Ballerini blaring in the background, surrounded by boxes and clutter, I dove right in, perusing each annual edition like it was an old photo album.

In those planners, I felt everything I remember feeling when I planned those months, weeks, and days: excitement, determination, optimism, stress, and full on overwhelm. There were goals all the way back from high school I accomplished. There were others that I'm still working on. And there were some that led me in a new direction altogether. 

That's how plans always are, right? Sometimes they go exactly according to plan and other times they twist and turn and in hindsight, we end up where we needed to be all along. It can beg the question, what's the point in planning at all?

This question sat with me for a few days and I began to look around at the successful women I admire–entrepreneurs, leaders, change makers, influencers, authors. More often than not, their plans took on a different reality than they initially intended but by setting goals, by putting in the work, their end game looked better than it would have looked otherwise. 

I think that's something important to keep in mind when you're feeling lost: you don't have to have a vivid vision of the "happily ever after," you just have to take steps in the direction that feels right. No matter where your ambitions take you, the power is in having them and pursuing them.

Taking those steps, putting in the time, and pursuing those plans is no easy feat. You need serious determination to keep going. That's why this month, we don't want you to go it alone. 

This month's Power Word is...

propel: (verb) to push forward

Plans are wonderful. However, it's the pursuit of them that is powerful.

This month, we made our own planner, filled with the questions and answers to the conversations we've been having around determination. What does it take to turn a series of plans into a fulfilling reality? How can we keep going long after those original goals were written down? And what happens when things go in a different direction?

We've all had that goal that never came to be real because we grew tired. I know there are some I can point to in my planners of year's past. But what if we can start to set into motion the plans that have stayed simply words on a page? What if we had the tools to keep them going? That's what we hope to discuss this month.

Every road has some bumps and twists and turns. September is the perfect time to see that road with a new set of eyes and propel forward with a refreshed energy. 

This month of Spire & Co content is all recorded in my planner. Here's a sneak peek of what's in store:

  • The secrets to managing your inbox
  • How to embrace messy chapters of life
  • Tips for making friends as adults
  • How you can actually eat according to the season
  • The first episode of our brand-new podcast (!!!)
  • and so much more!

September is a time for making plans come alive. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and join us.

What would you like to propel this month? Share with me in the comments!

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