Our November 2018 Power Word

Spire & Co November 2018 Power Word

There’s so much to adore about the fall. The crisp autumn air. The chunky knits that keep you warm. The warm seasonal soups and pastries. The calming weekends curled up with a good book.

It’s the season of cozy vibes and gratitude, what’s not to love? 

But perhaps what I find the most wonderful about this time of year, is the opportunity to exhale. It’s right before the holidays ramp up and it’s the time of year dedicated to honoring family traditions, togetherness, and appreciating the simple things that make life extraordinary. It can ground us in what is truly important and in doing so, we breathe a little easier.

Now, if we are being honest, I’m not the kind of girl one would call calm. Ever. I’m a list-making, intense, mile-a-minute talker kind of girl (said in the voice of Mia Thermopolis in gym class á la Princess Diaries). That being said, I know with certainty that I am at my best when I pause, take it all in, and exhale first. It is then that my usual recipe of one part intensity and one part rushing transform into a perfect blend of understanding, gratitude, and inspired energy. And that is when I know I’m thriving, whatever that may mean that day.

Just as we simmer the food on our stoves for Thanksgiving after they boil, maybe we should try to do the same for ourselves. It’s easy to be at a constant state of boiling. To be firing on all cylinders. To have a to do list that seems to think you have 48 hours in a day. To feel overwhelmed to the point of productivity paralysis. But what if we were at our best when we simmered? When we slowed down for just a moment, took in all the goodness around us, and channeled that inspired energy into all that we do, and to do what we do with a little more intention, even if that means going 1 mph slower. What if we did that?

That has been my intention as of lately: simmer down and take it all in. And I have to say, it’s left me feeling more content, more productive, and, perhaps most importantly, in a near constant state of inspired. 

But to truly slow down and still feel like we are doing enough, well, that’s harder than making a turkey dinner. Though that’s why cooking a Thanksgiving meal is not supposed to be a one-woman task. To cook up something good, whether in the kitchen or in life, requires many helpful hands. Which brings me to how we plan to be your helpful sous chefs this month. 

The November Power Word is…

simmer: (verb) to become calm

This month is centered around a singular question: how can we truly simmer down without losing our ambitious edge? 

We’ll discuss the many ways to enjoy the good things in life, from friendsgivings to holiday shopping, along with tricks of the trade to keep us inspired and in motion, like farmer’s market finds that are perfect for meal prepping and the secrets to infusing gratitude into the hustle of everyday life. And of course, we’ll kick off our Spire & Co holiday celebrations, encompassed into a content series that will bring all the comfort and joy this season has to offer (hint, hint). 

We know you have big ambitions, long to do lists, and limited time. The idea of chilling out may sound like a nice-to-have. That’s why we aren’t going to say you need to relax. We see simmering down as a way of easing away from our stressful, buzzing minds and centering ourselves so we can do the important work of personal growth. And perhaps in simmering down we can find our happy medium of inner peace and productivity because I sincerely believe that while 100% balance may be impossible, the balance of these two states may just be feasible. 

So put on your softest sweater and take in the crisp autumn air. It’s time to simmer down and find our own inspired energy.

How will you simmer down this month? Commit to your goal and share with me in the comments!

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