Our October 2018 Power Word

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You’ve watched a house flipping show before, right? Or in contrast, a makeover show like Queer Eye? Shows like this specialize in the transformation from the “before” to the “after.” And we eat this up because we love the idea of positive change, whether it’s for one of us or all of us.

I’ve talked about the design lessons I’ve learned from my mom on Spire & Co before, but I grew up seeing many befores turn into remarkable afters. Whether my mom was decorating a home for a client or my dad was revamping a run down piece of furniture or they were fixing up our own home, I was always inspired by what they could transform.

This time of year, as the leaves change color and summer makes way for chillier temperatures and pumpkin spice everything, there’s an inspiring energy of change in the air. Perhaps we too could use a little fixer upping.

October marks the first month of the final quarter of the year. 365 days of 2018 quickly turned into 90 days, didn’t it? Whether you’ve noticed it or not, you are not the same you as you were when you started 2018. That’s the beauty of slow but steady change.

However, are you where you promised yourself you’d be by October of 2018?

If you are, cheers to you, sister. If you’re not, that’s okay too because there is still time to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself this year.

Lately, that’s what I’ve been thinking about: the promises we make to ourselves. How often do we keep them? How quick are we to desert them? Have we absentmindedly built up a lack of trust with ourselves by not keeping the promises we’ve made inside our own minds?

Those questions brought me back to my parents’ projects of childhood. If my parents woke up and said they were going to build something that day (and trust me, there were many of those days), by the end of the day, that thing was complete and looked as if it had been there all along. When it came to home projects, a promise made was a promise kept. Maybe we need to think about our personal projects in the same capacity.

If we kept our promises for this month and for the last fraction of 2018, I wonder what our own 2018 after picture would look like. Which brings me to the October Power Word…

This month’s Power Word is…

transform: (verb) to change completely in order to improve

Let’s get something straight. You, my friend, are not a some negative idea of a pre-renovation fixer upper. You a photo album of constant change. Today you are an after picture representing the many years of transformation that have already come and gone. You are also a before picture of the wonderful change to come.

We have the power to curate that after picture. Whether it’s the picture of our career ambitions coming to fruition or the vision we see for our communities and the world around us, the promises we make lead to massive changes that improve our existence as we know it.

As for how we go about transformation? That’s what we’ll be discussing this month.

The fall foliage isn’t the only thing transforming this month. There are all sorts of bright colors in your future, too.

So tell me, what kind of personal transformation are you craving these days? Share with me in the comments!

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