Say Hello to Spire E-Reads

When I was a little girl, my mom and I would sit on this tall, gray, Victorian chair, where we would read for hours. My mom is above all a teacher, both professionally and spiritually. She used books as a channel to teach my sister and me what it meant to be our own selves. She would read to me about powerful women. Smart women. Innovative women. Brave women.

I remember carrying a child's edition of an Eleanor Roosevelt biography everywhere I went one summer. When my best friend, Tori, asked me about the book, I excitedly told her all about Eleanor, as if she were my friend, not the iconic woman from history.

But that was the beauty of a book. These women felt like my friends. And I wanted to tell all my real friends about my book friends.

As I got older, nothing changed. Tori and I kept sharing books. The books just were a bit thicker. And I kept reading books that served as teachers, just like my mom. I was on an endless hunt for books that wouldn't let me escape reality, but rather explore what was real, what was true, what was possible.

Anyone who has ever read a book that truly shook them to their core knows that they can't just keep the story to themselves. And when it gives you new eyes to your truth, you want a megaphone.

That's why I'm typing right now. I have met a lot of friends in books recently and they have taught me a lot–about myself, the world, and what lies beyond it. They have weathered me, allowing me to whittle away more of the surface-level things that make the path to our souls blurry. I want to introduce them to you and soak up their lessons alongside you.

So we came up with Spire E-Reads.

It's not actual e-books, as some of us prefer to hold a book in our hands rather than a tablet. It's E for Emily, since I'll be spearheading this (and we just really like play-on-words). However, we don't want this to just be a series of articles. I hope we can start conversations, share our favorite reads, and truly learn together.

What's up first? Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, an absolute game changer for anyone who wants to live a bigger, brighter life from the powerhouse behind shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.

We will meet back here on Thursday, March 3 to uncover the book's lessons and then we'll follow it up with a chat on Periscope (follow us @SpireAndCo). In the meantime, we'll be posting some of our favorite quotes to Instagram, using the hashtag #SpireEReads and hope you join in!