Our July 2018 Power Word

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I'm not one to use trending terms, mainly because I always use them improperly. I've never said I "ship" a couple because there's only so many times you can say a phrase so incorrectly before you just retreat back to your natural language. However, I am here for "glow up."

My friends and I went to a live panel discussion with the Fab Five from Queer Eye (which you can watch here) and Jonathan was talking about Mama Tammye, this remarkable woman who was their "make-better" of season two's first episode. He talked about her social media glow up since the second season premiered. She got an Instagram account, posted uplifting photos very true to her life, and her following has been blowing up ever since. 

Then one of my friends had a career glow up. She scored a dream job that she had been hustling for years to get. 

And then, I found myself talking to my aunt about my own forthcoming apartment glow up. 

Basically, there's been a lot of talk about glow ups lately and I'm here for it. But all these glow ups had me thinking more in-depth about our own "make-betters." The truth is, we can't all have the Fab Five come and spend a week transforming us into our best selves. And if we only wish for a glow up of any kind, from our career to our wellbeing to our Instagram photography skills, we'll never actually get it.

We know that, though. We know we have to put in the work.

These past few months, we've talked a great deal about doing the work to transform our perspectives. To get excited about the potential in front of us. To go where we've never gone before. To push past the beliefs that have held us back. And to honor the truth of who we are. 

Now, with half the year behind us, we are moving towards action. 

Our July Power Word is...

create: (verb) to bring something into existence

A glow up doesn't happen overnight. It's a daily investment in the life you want. In creating the life you want.

I think when you absorb and talk about soulful content as often as we do here at Spire & Co, it's very easy to only think about the inspiring element without really getting down to business with the action-oriented stuff. You can spend your whole life feeling inspired without actually doing anything. And that's why actionable steps have always been a part of our DNA. Without it, what is even the point of inspiration?

This month, we are taking that one step further. We are focusing on the moves you have to make to create the life you want. While we can't control the world around us, we can control the existence we create for ourselves. If you want a make-better, figure out how to create that for yourself. All month long, we'll do that together. 

So start channeling your inner Tan, Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo, and Bobby because the glow up you've been envisioning is on the way.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the articles coming your way in July:

  • Style staples to invest in that are eco-friendly
  • A guide to handling issues with a difficult boss
  • A decorator's guide to easy apartment upgrades
  • Easy foods you can make for a healthier you
  • Plus: our podcast is launching!!!

Your glow up is coming. Can you believe?!


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