Our Intentions Behind The New Spire Podcast

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As you have hopefully heard by now, the Spire & Co team will soon be releasing our very own podcast, Spire Sessions! We are so excited to share this new project, and before our first episode launches, we wanted to introduce the podcast to you in signature Spire fashion: defining our intentions behind Spire Sessions.

We are getting even deeper.

This new outlet serves as a way for the Spire & Co community to converse in a new, more personal way. In each episode, Spire’s founder Emily Raleigh will chat with inspiring guests, asking for their practical advice on how we can all be the best expressions of ourselves. In keeping with the Spire Promises, our plan is not to tell you how to live your life, but to offer the tools to figure that out for yourself. And as per usual, we’ll be going far beyond the surface, discussing the hard, complicated, messy stuff that holds us back so we can all be the authors of our own stories.

We are asking the right people for the best advice.

Spire Sessions will deliver meaningful, compelling discussions with women of all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, talents, and interests, producing a diverse range of inspiring conversations that encompass the many different parts of your life. Every episode will feature an interview with one of these women, delving into their specific area of expertise and how it relates to living your best life. While it may be a new format, each episode will remain consistent with the types of topics we love to talk about here at Spire & Co, from confidence and career to style and self-care.

We are calling this “inspiration for your ears” for a reason.

There’s a lot of podcasts out there. We know that. But we intend to stay in our lane and serve you in the best, most intentional way possible. You’re ambitious. You’re busy. And you’re looking to be your best self in the most authentic way possible. Spire Sessions is produced with the goal of being a one-of-a-kind series of conversations that will inspire you to double down on who you already are and empower you to harness that knowledge to go where you’ve never gone before. It’ll make you feel all the good vibes and even more importantly, it’ll challenge you to channel all that good juju into action.

It’s always been at the core of our mission to arm you with the tools to feel content in the remarkable person that you are, find fulfillment in your day-to-day life, and pursue your aspirations wholeheartedly. Consider this podcast our new way of keeping to that promise. 

We are making each episode with you in mind.

We are all students here. We may have the microphone, but that’s just so we can ask the questions we have all been wondering. Every episode is carefully crafted to reach our community in a way that is relatable to our everyday lives–the trials, the triumphs, and everything in between. That means we’ll keep you a part of the conversation and ensure you are able to have the microphone, too. We hope that means it will speak to you on a deeply personal level, delivering precisely the kind of inspiration and information you’ve been craving.

There is something about listening to a conversation that we believe has a deeply personal touch. We hope this means it will speak to your soul and that you’ll get to know the team behind Spire & Co a little bit better as we go along. Whether you listen on your commute, during work, or while working out, our goal is for Spire Sessions to be a weekly source of inspiration that will positively contribute to your life in a meaningful way.

Get excited, because Spire & Co’s brand new podcast is on its way! Stay tuned for more.


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