Spire Spaces: How To Add Inspiring Elements To Your Living Space

photo via @letterfolk

photo via @letterfolk

In an interview with Spire & Co, Danielle Posa discussed "the power of designing your home in a way that is uplifting and inspiring." While that can take on many forms, one thing is for sure: if your space is a reflection of your soul, you'll feel more deeply connected to the place you call home. 

Inspiration looks different for everybody. I may feel electrified by a well-organized bookshelf in the living room, but my roommate could be more into her selection of cooking tools in the kitchen. There are many elements to a living space and finding functional pieces, especially for small and shared spaces, is enough work. But as Danielle says, there is power in the way we design the place we call home.

That's why we came up with a number of products that can be both functional and inspirational.

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felt letter board | water carafe | desk globe

essential oil diffuser | positive doormat

soft bedspread | coffee table book | wise print

magnetic notepad | dish towel

felt letter board

Felt letter boards were used during the 20th century to easily display information to those in its path. The same can be done in your space. Pick a color scheme that reflects your design style and showcase your favorite quotes or funny sayings for quick reminders that inspiration and laughter are always nearby.


water carafe

I don't know about you, but drinking enough water on a daily basis is not easy. But how many times do you venture to the fridge everyday? Having a pretty, transparent water carafe is just the push we all need to hydrate more. Plus, it will stand out in your fridge. You can set goals to drink one or two carafes each day and before long, you'll be well on your way to drinking the recommended amount of water.


desk globe

Whether you're saving up for a big trip or just want to envision the many places you'll go, a little globe is an inspiring addition to any desk. Also, when we are grinding away at our many tasks, a globe serves as a nice reminder that while our challenges seem substantial, there is a world of other people and we are not in fact the center of the universe. Not many items can be both humbling and inspiring.


essential oil diffuser

We've all heard of aroma therapy. From essential oils that destress to others that energize, there are scents for every feeling you may want to elevate. With an essential oil diffuser, you can bring those energies into your space even if you have a low budget (this diffuser is $18), making this an easy method for making your home a more inspiring place to be.


positive doormat

There is certainly power in how we enter a space. With a doormat with a positive message (and a ~very true~ compliment), there is an extra incentive to bring your best self into your space after a long day. For an extra design element, you can layer with a patterned or bold rug that is just slightly larger underneath it. It'll give it some depth and serve as an extra pop.


soft bedspread

No doubt, you work hard all day. Crawling into bed at the end of the day should feel like a total oasis, a time to fully recharge and relax. A linen bedspread is soft and breathable, but the real ticket is in the color. The psychology of colors is fascinating, and when choosing color schemes, especially in your bedroom, it's smart to keep that information in mind. For example, blue emits a sense of calm and well-being whereas green inspires peace and tranquility. Determine what you want out of your bedspread and your room in general and pick your colors accordingly.


coffee table book

Most of the time, people see coffee table books as solely decorative items. However, the books you showcase in your space, from a coffee table to a bookshelf to a bedside table, should reflect your passions, goals, and interests. The Bucket List is a perfect example of a coffee table book that is practical for design purposes and inspiring for your wellbeing. Think of what books you wish to display and what kind of positive vibes you want them to give off. Turns out, some things can be decorative and impactful. 


wise print

Inspiring quotes aren't just for Instagram. Whether you have a gallery wall or just space on your bedside table, an uplifting print can breathe new, happy energy into any room. 


magnetic notepad

Do reminders just pop into your head of things you need to do, only to forget about them the next moment? Same. That's why it's smart to keep notepads within arms length so that you can make sure nothing just passes on by without you jotting it down. This split notepad has additional value because it has a magnet on the back, perfect for sticking to the side of your fridge for those on-the-go moments of clarity.


dish towel

We are all in agreement that doing the dishes is awful, right? Something like this keeps it light and reminds you that anything can be a little fun, even doing the dishes. 


What inspires you in your living space? Tell us in the comments!

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