How To Spot An Online Shopping Scam

Online shopping: It can actually be pretty scary. People you've never met just put up a website and invite you to enter your credit card information in exchange for an item you have no true guarantee of receiving. Because of this, you have to be aware of potential scams: The "Too Good To Be True" Sale

A Chanel bag in perfect condition for $400? Sorry, but that's not gonna happen. When asked of the item's authenticity, they may say that "the price reflects the brand" or instead, mention how it's made of a certain type of fancy leather. Basically, what they're trying to say is it's not the real deal.

They're Asking For Money Orders or Wire Transfers

This is just sketchball city. No reputable site will ever ask you for this--only credit/debit info. While unreputable sites definitely ask for your credit card information too, they are also the only ones to ask for money orders or wire transfers.

Shipping Times Are Actually Ridiculous

It shouldn't take a toaster oven six weeks to ship from Milkwaukee, okay? It just shouldn't. They're just putting off your expected delivery date so you won't ask questions.

Weird Websites And/Or URLs

Although we see foreign clothing websites collaborating with bloggers more often in an effort to up their street cred, the general rule is that if you can't understand the language of the fine print, don't shop there.