Our Spring Power Word: Consistency

Spire & Co Spring Power Word.jpeg

The arrival of spring reminds me of the start to a really good romantic comedy. The movie opens with a hopeful instrumental and the camera pans down a picturesque, tree-lined street. The morning light beams into the protagonist’s home and the story begins. 

In some ways, it feels like our story begins again in the springtime, too. And while real life may look far different than a good ol’ rom com, there’s just something about the world outside our door waking up that makes us want to rise to the occasion as well. 

April 1st holds a deep meaning to Spire & Co.

Seven years ago, our very first magazine issue was put out into the world. Just like spring, with that issue came the beginning to a whole new adventure–one that has been full of the most rewarding milestones and the most invaluable lessons. With each season since then, I have had the opportunity to grow up from a teenager clicking publish in her childhood kitchen to a 25 year old, clicking publish before heading into the office, with many chapters in between. 

So much has changed in seven years, but in that change, there has been a consistency to the evolution, both as a brand and as people. 

We’ve set goals. Some we met. Some we missed. We’ve learned. Some lessons were easy. Some were uncovered the hard way. We’ve grown up. Sometimes by choice. Sometimes without even noticing. 

As we move into this new season, I thought back to our magazine days. We had a theme of each issue, which is something we carried on long after digital magazines became a thing of the past. We kept that alive through the monthly intention and then the Power Word. After nearly five years, it is the single element of Spire that drives the most enthusiasm from our community. 

We want to breathe new life into the Power Word. We want to double down on what you love and what inspires us about the Power Word and deepen our conversations around it. There have been words we’ve selected in the past that we hated to say goodbye to at the end of a month. There was so much more we wanted to talk about; so much more growth that could happen had there been more time to marinate and embody the intention. 

So with that in mind, we are evolving the Power Word into a season-long Power Word. 

This season (aka the next three months), we’ll have a Power Word. We’ll have conversations around the word. We’ll set goals with it in mind. And when the season is over, our hope is that we all have truly seen the positive impact of a single, season-long intention. Just like the flowers blooming outside, growth takes time. We hope by elongating this, we’ll all feel the reward of that growth.

So what’s the Spring Power Word, you ask? 

It’s a word I think we are all aiming to embody. It’s one that will have you chuckling, considering this is the first article to be published on Spire & Co in three months (that’s on me and I plan to write more about that this month). But it’s one that I truly believe has the potential to live up to the label “Power Word” because it when it is lived out, we can feel the power, strength, and ability that lies within us. 

consistency: (n) steadfast adherence to principles, tasks, goals; reliability or dependability

Think of someone who inspires you. I bet they embody consistency. Perhaps they are consistently supportive and kind. Maybe they are consistently working towards their goals. Perhaps they are consistently dependable. There is a reliable sameness to how they approach something, or perhaps many things.

I like to believe that consistency is the act of being authentic because when we are truly ourselves, consistency comes naturally. That’s not to say consistency is easy. In fact, I think consistency is both the ticket to success and quite possibly the steepest slope we all must climb. Taking the first step is hard, but continuing to walk in the direction of our ambitions is arguably much harder.

That’s why we need each other. Consistency may be something we alone can truly control, but just like a road race, it’s much easier to keep going if there are people on the sidelines cheering you on. 

This season, we plan to hold each other accountable, in our Energy Email (have you subscribed to our Monday motivation newsletter?), in our posts on spireandco.com, on social media, and in the conversations to come.

We’ll discuss the many areas in life we all wish to be consistent. Consistently being kind. Consistently going after our goals. Consistently keeping good habits. And we’ll talk honestly about the barriers that stand in our way to consistency, from perfectionism to disorganization. Plus we’ll have some posts to keep the motivation and inspiration alive, from a new series called “Dirty Hair Chronicles” to travel posts jam-packed with beautiful springtime snapshots. Consistency doesn’t just belong in the office with our career goals. We want the quality of your life to be consistently top notch. So let’s figure out how to make that happen, shall we?

Just like the world outside our windows, we are always growing. When we choose who we are and what we do consistently, that’s how we grow into the person we wish to become. And what a better time to grow than a season of rebirth?

So tell me, how would you like to be more consistent?