Why You Should Start Washing Your Bra More

Let's just say, after finding out the rules of washing your bra, I've been doing it (or technically not doing it) wrong. First of all— who even knew there were rules? And secondly, who even has time to do laundry every few days? Answer to both: not me... unfortunately. But I guess I'll have to make time. According to Good Housekeeping, washing your bra after every wear is completely unnecessary, but with every 3 or 4 wears, you must hit up the delicate cycle. This, however, only counts if your activity level remains minimal in said bra. If, for whatever reason, you had an unfortunate day of boob sweat (it happens to the best of us), waiting to those few wears to wash is not an option.

Since bras never really look dirty (or at least they shouldn't), it's hard to tell when they need to be cleaned, however, that doesn't mean they don't. In fact, some really disgusting things can happen if you wait too long to wash your bras. Aside from your bras becoming stained from overwear, they can actually begin to accumulate oil, bacteria, or fungi.

As gross as this sounds, this is not the only repulsing thing that can happen if you don't wash. In Bustle's "6 Gross Things That Happen If You Don't Wash Your Bras Enough," Gina M. Florio emphasizes that your bras can actually begin to smell and cause body acne breakouts and rashes.

While I definitely don't have the time to drop everything and do my laundry every 3 days, there are some clever hacks to washing your bra without having to worry about spending hours on a load of laundry. Hand-washing while in the shower (then hanging to dry), for instance, is one Buzzfeed commenter's genius idea— she even admits to using shampoo or hand soap on her bras if she forgets her detergent once she's already in the shower. This holds the life of the bra and prevents any damage that the washing machine may cause while cleaning it conveniently. Brilliant.