Fight Off Seasonal Sniffles With These Natural Cold Remedies


We've all been there. Tossing and turning all night. Coughing fits. Runny noses. Sore throats. Colds are the ultimate hurdle when we're trying to conquer life's many obligations. With everything going on, we can easily forget to take the necessary preventative steps to avoid the common cold. The seasons are changing, though, and that means your body has to recalibrate to new temperatures, environments, and living patterns. Make sure that adjustment doesn't wreack havoc on your body. To prevent colds, it's important to boost your immune systems by eating healthier, increasing Vitamins C and D, getting enough sleep, exercising frequently, and staying hydrated. Since our busy lives aren't always conducive to full nights of sleep and sitting out in the sun, we've come up with a list of ways that you can kick that cold's butt and get back to your big, abundant life.

For sore throats:

  • Drink hot tea

  • Add some honey to your diet

  • Pack chicken soup for lunch

  • Drink more water

  • Apply vapor rub

Dealing with a sore throat can be tricky, and no matter how many times you have cough medicine, sometimes you still feel pretty awful. Taking advantage of the natural remedies such as drinking loads of hot tea with honey and water will do nothing but help soothe your throat.

One remedy that has been proven to be helpful for coughs is Vicks VapoRub or alternatively a DIY Vapor Rub (which works just as effectively, but is more gentle on sensitive skin). Just rub a small amount on your chest every couple of hours and in no time you'll be feeling better.

As for chicken soup, it's always been mom's go-to "feel better" trick, but does it really work? In short, yes! Chicken noodle soup helps reduce inflammation of the lungs, which will help calm that pesky cough of yours.

For stuffy noses.

  • Pull out the humidifier

  • Take hot showers or baths

  • Add in spicy foods

Stuffy and runny noses are the absolute worst when you're attempting to get anything accomplished. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to help clear your nose so you can breathe again. For starters, you need steam, whether you use a humidifier or taking a hot shower/bath. It's what will ultimately help thin out all the nasty stuff irritating your sinuses, and get your breathing back to normal.

Similarly, eating spicy foods such as hot peppers will do the same, and help clear out your nose.

Overall health.

  • Increase vitamins C & D

  • Avoid sugar

  • Rest

Nothing will rev up your immune system's engines like sleep. When you're sick, you're going to feel more tired, so it's better to give in and get a good night's sleep, rather then do extra work. Allow your body to work its magic and you'll be back to your 100% self sooner.

Another classic cold remedy is increasing your vitamin C and D intake. Vitamin C can be found in oranges, as well as red and green bell peppers, broccoli, and strawberries. The easiest way to pull in some vitamin D is through the sunlight, but you can also retain vitamin D by eating fatty fish (such as salmon or trout) or drinking fortified milk.

Finally, one tip for your overall health while you're fighting a cold is to avoid sugars. Sugar has actually proven to weaken the immune system, and although we may naturally crave a popsicle to soothe a sore throat, it's best to stay away from sugary foods while you're fighting a cold.