How To Channel Your Favorite Netflix Girlbosses


Strong female characters are dominating television right now. They are more relatable, courageous, and inspiring than ever. While that should always be the case, we can't help but feel grateful that we can turn on the TV any night of the week and find a show with a rockstar woman leading the way. With these relatable characters comes the opportunity to learn through them–their trials, triumphs, and all. And sometimes, if the character hits thatclose to home, we can find ourselves wanting to emulate them, whether it's their style, their attitude in the workplace, their sense of humor, whatever. We have rounded up five of our favorite strong female characters on Netflix and uncovered how you can channel their energy into your everyday life.

The Motivated Multitasker: Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

Ever feel like you have way too much going on in your life? For Jane, balancing various forms of employment, baby matters, family drama, a turbulent love life, and aspirations of writing professionally is an ongoing process that does not come without discouragement and frustration. Despite a rollercoaster of successes and failures, a whole mess of people involving themselves in her decisions, and her relentless effort to maintain her virginity in the face of temptation, Jane handles all obstacles with grace and positivity. Determined and self-motivated like no other, Jane is constantly making lists to keep herself organized and making sacrifices to keep her loved ones happy.

Although at times it seems Jane overdoes it on planning her life, she is also not afraid to follow her heart. She has mastered the art of passionate spontaneity, keeping things real, and putting her family before anything.

To channel your inner Jane: When life starts to overwhelm you, pause to make a list of your priorities. Add in some self-care to the mix, anything from cultivating a new relationship, reading more crime novels, or getting tacos weekly with friends.

The Rebellious Risk Taker: Sophia Marlowe, Girlboss

As someone described by her boyfriend as a “self-absorbed narcissist,” Sophia is not necessarily a likable character. Impulsive and with what seem to be severe anger-management issues, she is flawed and often leaves her loved ones to deal with the brunt of her recklessness. Nevertheless, as viewers, we want her to succeed because she is not afraid to take risks that allow her to follow her one-of-a-kind dreams.

Once Sophia figures out how to manifest her passions into a unique career, there is nothing that can stand in the way of her goals, no matter how many people view her as "just a girl." Through the trials and tribulations of launching her own business, Sophia learns how to rely on others for help, as well as how to show her appreciation to those around her.

To channel your inner Sophia: Let your entrepreneurial mind run wild and devote an hour each day to developing a creative project that's 100% you.

The Positive Persister: Kimmy Schmidt, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

If there is anyone who can inspire you to put some pep in your step when things aren't going the way you planned, it's Kimmy Schmidt. Glowing head to toe in bright yellows, hot pinks, and a formidable smile, Kimmy knows how to celebrate the small things in life even when the big picture seems a little too hectic.

After spending 15 years trapped in a bunker, she refuses to feel sorry for herself, and instead takes life by the reigns in New York City, always working hard to learn new things, try new jobs, and make new friends. Her childlike innocence allows her to remain free from any societal expectations imposed on young women that would inhibit her from feeling powerful or beautiful. Nothing can dent her self esteem, and with each episodes she proves that it's always worth it to never give up on a task.

To channel your inner Kimmy: Brighten your day with the most colorful outfit you can find in your closet, take a deep breath, and take the day 10 seconds at a time.

The Loyal Leader: Tasha ‘Taystee’ Washington, Orange is the New Black

Taystee is the best friend you've always wanted: hilarious, a good listener, and unquestionably honest. She proves that family is not necessarily biological, utilizing her friendships as her support system and always encouraging her friends to follow their dreams. Although she has dealt with a great deal of hardship and conflict, Taystee is not one to sulk, often starting impromptu dance parties or shouting Harry Potter quotes to make the bad vibes melt away.

Determined to implement a GED program at the prison, Taystee is also one of the most ambitious and intelligent inmates at Litchfield. With authority and passion, she voices the collective needs and grievances of her peers, never backing down to fight for what she wants, whether for justice, education, or chicken.

To channel your inner Taystee: Don't be afraid to speak your mind about double standards. If you feel like you're being treated unfairly by someone in your life or in your place of work or education, stick up for yourself with confidence. 

The Patient Problem-Solver: Pam Beesly, The Office

Pam is the ultimate inspiration for self-discovery. After feeling stuck behind her desk with little say in the decisions of her environment, she develops the confidence needed to take control of her love life and career goals. While her co-workers often demand that she puts their needs before her own, Pam figures out how to put herself first and pursue both her creative dreams and the man of her dreams.

In an otherwise dramatic office, Pam keeps things light and goofy with her gentle smile, playful pranks, and clever comebacks. Out of all of her co-workers she is the most friendly and trustworthy, always remaining loyal and showing emotional support to her peers regardless of how ridiculous they can get.

To channel your inner Pam: Break away from your insecurities and self-doubt, and take the time you need to figure out what makes you you. Whether it's an hour out of your day or a total life-change, if you can find time to do what makes you happy, you are allowing your best self to thrive.