#ThrowbackThursday Styles We Hope To See Again Soon

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we all have that "go-to" item in our closet. You know, the one that should have been thrown away or donated years ago but has yet to leave your closet. For me, it's my pink velour Juicy zip-up, which I admit to wearing around the apartment all too frequently. But come on. One of these days those velour jumpsuits will come back in style and I'll be the first to wear mine around town. In reality, that's probably not true... and for the better. But just because velour jumpsuits may never come back (at least in public), doesn't mean other throwback styles shouldn't. Below are five #ThrowbackThursday trends I hope to see more of really soon.


I've always wondered why scrunchies are only ever worn when girls are dressed up as '70s workout Barbies on Halloween. In all honesty, it's actually pretty freakin' adorable and you and everyone else know it. While I don't recommend strutting around in a neon green one, a small patterned one or dainty neutral colored one could actually make a bland outfit a little more exciting. Don't say you didn't hear it from me first...


Now overalls are one of those clothing items I have always wanted to try but know I would look absolutely ridiculous doing so. I feel like I am constantly scrolling through classmates' Instagram posts and seeing them in these beautifully edgy overall/jumpsuit get-ups and can only countdown the days until I am in the dressing room of Urban Outfitters trying on my own pair. #TBT to Osh Kosh, am I right?


I'm not kidding. I actually think I had a pair of jelly shoes in every color as a little girl. And I would be lying if I said I had not contemplated buying a pair within the last year. They're coming back slowly, yes... but surely, and this is a bandwagon I'll be sure to hop on (if I don't restart it myself, that is).


These shoes are like the perfect mix between comfort and style. Slip-ons that you never have to break in using the blow-dryer trick as well as a true support system. Unlike the ballet flats I wear, which would definitely not help me if I stepped on a nail. Clogs may not have been all that hot back in the day but I'm telling you, the concept is killer and with some stylistic alterations, this trend could really make a comeback.


Honestly, I could get down with legwarmers being tossed back into the mix. There are many times where my ankle booties cut off right where my jeans end leaving just enough space for unwanted air to swoop in and ruin my morning. Legwarmers would completely change the game. Let's say "so long" to embarrassing moments when you forget your pink fuzzy socks are peeping out from your shoes and "hello" to those edgy, warm ankle huggers crawling back from the '80s.