Tanesha Awasthi Is Making Big Moves In Blogging

Every big-name blogger has something special about them. That's why people begin following them in the first place--there's something aspirational about what they post. They make you want to be better. And if you haven't heard yet, plus size blogger Tanesha Awasthi is one of them. Her platform is all about supporting body positivity and women empowerment, and so obviously here at Spire & Co, we're all about her. Our high-key fangirling must have finally paid off because the digital influencer agreed to talk with us all about blogging and bodies:

Over the past few years, we've seen a lot of body positivity being promoted from brands like Dove and Aerie. Have you seen a difference in women and how they perceive their bodies?

Definitely! I think campaigns from major brands like Dove and Aerie are making women see their bodies in a more positive light, proving that we all have "flaws" and models and actresses- or the people we see in the media in general, are airbrushed and don't really look like that in real life.  I applaud brands who stand by showing 'real' women in terms of not airbrushing.

Your brand covers a blog, social media, and YouTube. Where do you see the future of blogging going in five years?

I've been asking myself the same thing! I really hope to still be doing what I'm doing in the future, along with a clothing line, writing a couple of books and having my own talk show.  I have a lot to say and lots of goals to accomplish, and I plan on making each and every one a reality!


You've mentioned before that plus-size fashion is behind a few seasons compared to straight-size fashion. Why do you think this is?

For years, plus size brands have been under the impression that plus size women don't love their bodies and want to lose weight, so plus size clothing designs reflect this ideology. However, there are some brands who are starting to catch on, with the help of bloggers, and realize that plus size women want amazing fashion just like any other size woman.

The way plus-sized women who blog have to identify their blog as plus-size reminds me of the way women in powerful or left-brain positions are always specifically identified as female--to me, it feels like a label that only hurts the divide instead of helping it. Is this a fair or unfair assessment?

I completely agree with you, which is one of the many reasons I recently re-branded to my name from Girl with Curves.  The label was becoming too much of an identifier over who I am, what I do, the content I put out, and the things I'm accomplishing. At the end of the day, I was only known for being 'curvy' when in fact I'm so much more than my body! It feels good to be a person now, versus a phrase that only describes my shape and size.

How would you say your style has changed since you began your blog? Would you say having a blog has kept you accountable for refining your style at all?

When I first started the blog I was working in the tech field and I enjoyed dressing office-appropriate, so the majority of the looks I shared were very office-friendly.  After leaving my career in tech. to purse the blog full-time, I felt free to express my personal style as I saw fit on any given day, which is much more girly and feminine, yet classic with my own take on trends versus business-professional like it was in the years prior to blogging full-time.


How does it feel to be a significant voice in taking back the conversation around plus-size women and fashion?

I'm honored! I define success as what I've accomplished and the lives I've changed. It's nice to know that I've accomplished many personal goals, but what matters most to me most is contributing to the world in a positive way and making change.

What's next for the Tanesha Awasthi brand?

Right now my husband/business partner and I are building a team in order to put out more content. We also have plans of expanding the brand to product lines.


Everyone has things that keep them up at night, but what wakes you up and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Ideas for content keep me up at night and I get out of bed each morning excited to write them all down and excited to see what the day will bring.  I'm also a mom of two boys--a two-year-old human boy and a four-year-old English Bulldog, so knowing they need me also keeps me going and keeps me smiling!