5 Tea Recipes To Exhilarate Your Mornings

Tea Recipes

You know the struggle. The struggle where your alarm sounds and you feel like pulling the covers back over your head and sleeping all day long. You somehow manage to get out of bed, let your feet hit the floor, and look out the window. It's raining again, great. You try your hardest to refrain from falling asleep in the shower, shuffle on some clothes and attempt to begin your day sulking hopelessly. If only there was something to shake up, revitalize, and charge up your morning...oh wait, there is and no, it's not coffee. It's coffee's second cousin, the quiet, helpful kind of cousin. And it's name is tea. While coffee can be an awesome way to start your day and it even has been proven to be healthy, sometimes you may want to change up your regular routine. Here are five different, simple, and healthy ways to conjure up some spunk in your mornings...

Vanilla Chai

2 Chai Tea Bags

1 Tablespoon of Sugar

1 Drop of Vanilla Extract

A Splash of Milk

A Hint of Cinnamon

Simply boil one cup of water, add in two chai tea bags and allow it to steep for five minutes. Remove tea bags, stir in sugar, vanilla, milk and cinnamon. Serve hot or iced. Bonus: this basically tastes like the Starbucks version of a dirty chai latte.


1 Mint Tea Bag

1 tsp of sugar for taste

Zest of a lemon

Boil one cup of water, add in mint tea bag and allow it to steep for 2-3 minutes. Stir in sugar and allow it to dissolve, then zest your lemon into your drink. Serve hot or iced.


1 Green Tea Bag

2 Tablespoons of honey (local is the best!)

Zest of an orange

Boil one cup of water, add in green tea bag and let it steep for five minutes. Stir in honey one tablespoon at a time. Zest (or just squeeze in the juice of an orange if you do not have a zester) an orange. Serve hot or iced.

Iced White

1 white tea bag (I love to use blueberry pomegranate flavored white tea, so delicious!)

1/4 Lemon

1/4 freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

Boil one cup of water and place your tea bag into the water for five minutes. Stir in lemon juice squeezed from a fresh lemon and add in a slice of lemon for flavor. The pretty lemon also makes your drink look super Instagram worthy, just saying. Serve hot or iced.

Iced Fruity

1 fruit-flavored tea bag (I use a Wild Berry Zinger flavored tea which is perfect for the summer!)

Frozen fruit (my favorite is strawberries!)

1 Tablespoon Agave nectar

Boil one cup of water and steep one tea bag in the water for five minutes. Stir in agave nectar while tea is still hot so it can have a chance to incorporate with the tea. Pour tea into a cup with a lid, filled with ice. Shake until the ice gets the entire drink cooled. Pour into a glass and top with your choice of frozen fruit to serve as ice.

Other Tea Tips:

  • Pour tea after it's been made into ice cube trays and freeze until firm. Use these tea cubes instead of regular ice cubes to refrain from diluting your drink!

  • Opt for decaf tea when it's closer to bed time to ensure a restful night's sleep.

  • Make tea in large quantities rather than one cup at a time so you can just reheat or ice your tea any time of the day without having to constantly boil a new pot of water.

  • Pressed for time? While it's technically cheating, you can always just warm up water in the microwave instead of waiting for water to boil on the stove. Two minutes in the microwave can do the trick for a quick drink.