The Ins And Outs Of Attending Your First Fitness Expo

If you’re part of the Instagram fittie community, you’ve seen posts about various fitness expos. People get to meet their fitness role models, get their hands and awesome free samples, and learn about different brands that are represented. Attending your first fitness expo can be overwhelming with the swarms of people that attend and being in a new environment. Follow these tips for the best experience possible and you’re sure to have a blast. Know which brands will be there.

One of the best parts of fitness expos is the free swag. And there is a TON of free swag that goes along with your attendance. Most fitness expos will share who their sponsors are and share what brands will be attending on their websites. Do a bit of research and decide which top 15 brands you want to hit before you start circling around to the other setups. This way you won’t be disappointed if you don’t make it to your favorites before the end of the expo.

Have an exit plan.

It’s fun to attend expos with people who are like minded but your group may have different ideas about what they want to get out of the expo. In order to avoid any confusion or tension, develop a plan of action. Try to hit the spots all of your group is interested in first before splitting up. Have a time and a landmark to meet at so that no one gets lost. This way no one is lost in the process.

Find out what fitness representatives will be attending.

Most expos will have their own version of celebrities there representing the brands. Brands tend to fly their representatives in and have them outfitted in gear to advertise whatever brand they’re there for. Most of these fitness representatives will announce where the booths are located which will make it easier for you to map out your plan of action. If this is more of a priority to you than hitting the actual brand booths, make sure to put that at the top of your list.

Leave your purse at home.

If you need to carry a purse, bring a cross body one. Anything larger will get in the way and will quickly get annoying. Expos tend to give out bags at the very beginning in order to carry your swag around. If the expo itself does not give out a bag, many brands will have their own.

Bring cash.

Most brands will have items for cash and carry on hand other than their samples. The items are typically discounted to prices you would not be able to get elsewhere. It’s always a good idea to have cash on hand in case you come across a great deal you’ll wish you hadn’t passed up.

Charge your phone beforehand.

During the expos you’ll want to pull your phone out more than once – whether that’s to snap a picture with your favorite fittie or to share your experience. Instead of taking your phone off the charger way before leaving for the expo, leave it on in order to keep more of a charge. If you can’t do that, make sure you bring a charger with you. There are usually a few free plugs along the walls of the expo center.