The Key To Dreaming Bigger This Year


It takes a special kind of dedication, spirit, and will to achieve any dreams, both professional and personal. But let me tell you, there is a key (or “major key” as DJ Khaled once famously coined), to dreaming even bigger and getting inspired in a completely different way this 2017. The key is to surround yourself with dreamers.

Even the people you might admire that seem to have it all are still searching for way to learn something new, to grow their network of friends and colleagues to improve themselves-it's true!

Dreamers help other dreams dream bigger - remember that.

So as you embark on your "new year, more you" journey, remember to pay close attention to those who are making their own moves, the rockstars around you who have an impact on your life. Hopefully, those individual will inspire you with a new game plan, new ideas and a fresh take on how to move one step closer to realizing your latest ambition.

Look to the kids you babysit, a younger sibling and your own younger self.

Believe it or not, you were once a wide-eyed, willing little girl that knew no limits to who she wanted to be when she grew up. That’s the real power that kids hold: the ability to inspire any adult to literally live out their childhood dream. Try finding an old journal you kept in the 2nd grade, or a painting you won an award for in middle school. You might find yourself crafting up your next big success, and maybe even reaching out to an old high school friend

Look to your favorite professor or your boss.

Despite what you may think, your professor did far more than just grade papers every night. They may be working on a book, or preparing for a conference across the globe. Try reaching out to them about their upcoming projects and what ways they’ve been doing research lately. You may just get invited to help them with their research and with that, meet some incredible minds in their field.

Look to your latest favorite athlete, actress, or Instagram sensation.

Whether you’ve been following Simone Biles or Bella Hadid, there’s far more to their idyllic Instagram profiles and Snapchat stories. Regardless of what they may do for a living, the beloved actresses, athletes, bloggers, and even models have set out to start their own charities, volunteer around the world, and sponsor educational programs in elementary schools. Try to use their current passion projects as an example for pursuing the real issues that matter to you and that embody your values through volunteering or even starting your very own fundraiser.

It's great to have dreams. But don't forget to surround yourself with dreamers that might just inspire you to dream bigger, better and, hopefully, smarter.

So go forth, and start growing your very own network of game changers.