The Perfect Lip Color For A First Date

Have you ever watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas? The one with Jim Carrey where the Grinch is frantically trying to figure out what to wear to the Holiday Whobilation? If you've watched this scene and know what I'm talking about, you've probably gone through this exact thing at one point in your life. Especially if you've been on a first date. The endless stream of indecisiveness that comes with preparing for a date is real. But when it comes to lip color, we've got you covered. My biggest suggestion? Avoid aggressive colors like reds or purples. They can be distracting and come off as just too much. You want your personality to shine on a date, not your lips to distract.

My go-tos? Soft pink or nude hues, especially in lip glosses. While lipstick is excellent for parties and going out, you want to appear relaxed and confident, without looking like you tried too hard. A light colored or clear gloss can even be worn for a natural, shimmery lip that will have you feeling confident and beautiful because that's what's important.

Another excellent option for a date (especially a dinner date) is a light or neutral lip stain. This will stay on a little longer while you eat and drink throughout the day/night and who knows? If it ends in a kiss, your flawless smackers will remain in tact.