The Right Way To Schedule Exercise In Your Life

There never seems to be enough time in the day to do absolutely everything on your to do list. You wanted to make it to the grocery store, but that will have to wait. You were supposed to read a chapter in your textbook for class, but that didn’t happen. So how on earth are you supposed to schedule time into your busy day to exercise? It’s not as hard as you might think. Some people try to over commit and end up exhausting themselves the first week into a new exercise schedule. Instead of burning yourself out, make small changes that add exercise into your day. You don’t have to have a whole routine in order to get the blood flowing and get your workout on. A few small changes in your day will help you easily get your exercise in without feeling overwhelmed.

Change Your Commute

Instead of taking the bus or driving to class or to work, change your commute style. Try biking or walking to work instead. This will not only help you get more exercise in, but it will also help you to wake up before the day ahead of you. Try adding a little extra time to your commute in order to make this change.

Take Your Lunch Break At The Gym

One of the best things about growing up is getting a lunch break. The lunch break is one of the greatest gifts adulthood can give because you’re able to take an hour out of the work day to actually eat lunch or do whatever you would like. Try taking your lunch break at the gym. Spend half an hour getting a killer cardio or weights session in and then finish out your lunch break with a healthy smoothie on the way back to work.

Do Your Work On The Treadmill

Instead of not getting work done because you’re making time to workout; try multi-tasking. If you have a project you have to review for work or a few chapters that you have to read for class, set it up on the treadmill and get your steps in for the day. This way you don’t feel guilty about taking time to workout when you have other things you need to get done.

Try A Television Workout

Honestly, we all have a few shows that we like to watch each week. We usually end up sitting for an hour or two, without moving, on the couch.  Get your workout in on commercial breaks or make a game out of it. Make a game for yourself and do a mini squat or ab challenge during your shows. This way you don’t have to miss your shows, but you can still get active and add exercise into your schedule.

Set Your Alarm

For all of you early birds, try setting your alarm an hour earlier so that you can get in a workout before work. It will help you get those endorphins going and give you a boost to start the day. You don’t even have to head to the gym. Try an at home workout to kick off your day. And if you're not an early bird, give yourself something to look forward to when you wake up early to workout. Make yourself a cup of coffee before your workout or give yourself an incentive to get you up and going early in the morning.