The Slow Climb To Your Breakthrough

photo via  Oh Happy Day

photo via Oh Happy Day

When we talk about a breakthrough, it’s easy to imagine everything happening suddenly, almost overnight. That we make the quantum leap from being stuck in one place, to arriving at the foot of destiny. However, more likely than not, a breakthrough takes time. Though we may not always recognize the signs until after the fact, a breakthrough is often cultivated.

A breakthrough usually comes after we’ve found ourselves stuck, and being stuck isn’t always a bad thing.

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Perhaps you feel stuck because you have to accomplish a certain task before given the chance to move on to your next goal. Maybe you have people in your life that need you, and that’s very important to you but leaves you feeling stuck.

So how do you bridge the gap between being stuck and your breakthrough?

I can tell you, it’s a slow climb. Those in-between moments seem a lot less daunting and bleak when you can help to cultivate your breakthrough. Here’s how to make the most of where you are:

Prepare for your breakthrough

It can be a little funny to think about planning for a breakthrough, especially when it seems that a breakthrough is something that happens almost by surprise. And while this may be true, a breakthrough does not happen without a back story.

Perhaps you can’t clearly see your moment of breakthrough. Most of us can’t. However, start to pinpoint where you want to be post-breakthrough. What does that moment look like? What has changed? You do not need concrete answers to this question, but you do need a big picture.

Set the mood

I love mood boards. I always have. I was that kid who tore things of out magazines and lined every square inch of my bedroom walls with inspiration (bless my mother for allowing this!). Then came Pinterest and my obsession just grew.

A mood board can help you cultivate inspiration for your breakthrough. Maybe it’s a mantra to live off of, or maybe it’s something super abstract like a painting that speaks to you. A mood board can help to organize and focus the cultivation of your breakthrough. It can be a source of support in the moments when a breakthrough seems far off. Having a physical representation of where you want to be will buoy those scattered moments of feeling stuck.

There are several methods of creating a mood board thanks to the internet. You can use Pinterest as an easy way to continually add to your mood board and Pinterest’s algorithms can pick up on other sources of inspiration to pin to your board. If this isn’t your preferred method, then keep a running Google Slide to build your mood board.

Lastly, you can always do it the old fashioned way and cut out inspirational pictures and quotes from magazines or printouts from the internet and post them on a physical mood board.

Nourish your spirit

I would encourage you to invest in nourishing your spirit in this time. Read books that speak life into your breakthrough.

Pro tip: start with our bookstore, Spire Stacks. Here you can easily search through a variety of soul-nourishing and empowering reads to help cultivate your breakthrough. The best part is that this list is divided into specific categories to simplify your search.

To cultivate means to acquire pieces of value, and investing in an increase of wisdom and empowerment is an incredibly valuable asset to your breakthrough.

Work on your core

I’m not talking about your abs. I’m talking about your inner circle. It is said that we reflect the company around us, and I invite you to take this as your formal excuse to cut toxicity from your life. You don’t deserve it and your breakthrough requires its absence.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who believe in the power of your breakthrough. Share with these people and ask them keep you accountable of your goals. Allow yourself to be poured into, so that you can pour into others.

You will also find encouragement and strength in being a part of someone else’s core group. Their struggles and breakthroughs will inspire you to press past roadblocks and sedentary moments.

Reflect and revisit powerful conversations by keeping a bullet journal of beautiful moments created by the spirit of your core. This does not mean that you need to completely shut every single other individual out of your life, but take great care in what voices you give airtime.  

Embrace the moment

I found myself feeling very stuck at the beginning of the year. I wanted so badly to fast-forward to the point where I knew my life would change, where I could truly begin the climb to my breakthrough. That moment is almost here, and I am finding myself very nostalgic of those previous months.

Did I take the time to enjoy them? Or did I completely miss the beauty of the valley before the climb? I won’t get those moments back, but I can only make sure to embrace where I am in the here and now. And there is something powerful to be learned in each here and now, no matter how far it seems from the peak of your breakthrough.

Do you have any tips for embracing where you are before a breakthrough? Share with us in the comments below!

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