The Spire Edit: 133 Inspiring Things for Back To School


Back to school season, what a time to be alive. Hitting the books or not, there's something undeniably energizing about this time of year. It's like January 1st, but somehow more inspiring. Perhaps it's coming off of a season of relaxation and adventure rather than the chaos of the holidays. It could be the effect of the seasons changing that subconsciously encourages us to evolve as well. However you want to explain it, one thing is for sure: it's the perfect time of year to turn over a new leaf, no pun intended. Let's say you're heading back to the classroom. Maybe you're coming off of a prosperous summer internship and you're aching to use this year to kick your career ambitions into hyperdrive. Or your summer was a wake up call to some truth about who you are and what you desire, and you plan to use this year to go after it. Perhaps you're like me and you're not heading back to school because your cap has already been tossed. This fall, though, you want to dive head first into that side hustle that simply won't leave your mind. You could be studying for a standardized test and you want to do your most to put your mind back in academic mode.

No matter who you are, back to school season is a fantastic time to channel that academic mode. Use that energy to follow your curiosity, pursue your passions (or what you think may be a contender for a passion), and get to work. We want to help you get organized, start working, and keep it going long after your syllabus week–be it a literal or metaphorical one.

With that intention, we rounded up 133 things that are in the spirit of back to school. Whatever you are creating, be it a 10 page paper or your very own blog, we believe the products that you use should be functional, motivational, and affordable. That's why all of these items are under $100 and feature uplifting affirmations, energizing colors, and inspiring designs. Click the arrows below to check out the pieces.

May your back to school season spark your creative, curious spirit.


Backpacks, totes, weekenders, lunch boxes, laundry bags, and everything you need to carry the things that help you do your thing.


Your first step to organizing your life.

Desk Decor

Items for an inspiring workspace.


Products to plug in, power up, and keep you going.


So you can start and stay fueled all day long.


Putting your ambitions to work.

Writing Utensils

So you always have something to write down your next great idea.