The Ultimate Guide To Earning Cash For Your Clutter

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The days are getting longer (thank you, Daylight Savings!). Our coats are getting lighter (hopefully...). And spring is starting to send along hints that it's on the way (finally). It had us thinking: how can a girl with goals and a soulful spirit welcome the season in a multi-rewarding way?

Simple: she can tackle spring cleaning in a way that is both spiritually and financially beneficial.  

A soul-enriching spring cleaning is a gift that you give yourself. It's about connecting within to uncover what no longer serves you, and eliminating it in order to create room for what will positively impact your everyday existence.

So think about all the stuff that you own. Are there things you can give away? Are there things that you just don't like anymore? Are there things you are holding onto in hopes that someday they'll serve you again? Here's the thing, girlfriend: what no longer serves you will never serve you again.


You're on an upward trajectory. Don't keep something that belongs in yesteryear. 

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Then there's the financial element. Let's get real here. We are all balling on a budget, whatever that budget may be. Financial independence is something we are all fighting to achieve or maintain. If every dollar matters, why not monetize your spring cleaning? 

And here's the extra bonus: recycling stuff from your former self ensures that it can serve someone else, too. And that's environmentally friendly! Mother Earth will definitely be pleased. 

The question is, how do you go about earning cash for your clutter? There seem to be a million sites to sell just about anything. But not all platforms are created equal and some are much more time-consuming. With that in mind, here's a roundup of the best websites for selling your old stuff, from clothing to furniture to technology to books

photo via  Soul Honey

photo via Soul Honey

Earn Cash for Old Clothes

If there are items in your closet that no longer speak to your style and your spirit, it's time to say goodbye. Here's some platforms that could take them off your hands:

For Selling From Anywhere: Online Retailers

Crossroads, this online and brick and mortar consignment shop even has a selling guide so you can find out what's in demand when you're combing through your wardrobe.

Depop, this site is popular among fashion bloggers, as they are fixed prices (aka, no bargaining) and sell vintage and modern clothing for both women and men. 

LePrix, this site sells authentic, pre-owned luxury clothing and accessories. If you're looking to part ways with a former splurge or big gift, this is the site for you.

Material Wrld, if you have designer fashion that you're looking to sell quickly, this is your go-to. If they accept the item, they pay you upfront–there's no waiting for the item to sell. You can either receive your compensation via PayPal or gift cards to major retailers like Bloomingdales, Shopbop, and Saks.

Mercari, this is an app-based platform that allows you to buy and sell items and connect with potential customers. The best parts of Mercari are that they send your earnings via direct deposit and they'll accept clothing, tech, housewares, and more. 

Poshmarkthis easy app will allow you to have your items for sale in minutes. Once it sells, Poshmark gives you prepaid shipping labels to send your goods to their new owner.  

The RealRealthis luxury consignment site makes it super easy to send in your designer items. You can schedule a free in-home pickup, ship your items with a free, prepaid label, or visit one of their consignment offices in person. Regardless, they'll handle all photography and online setup, and you'll get paid once your item sells. 

Rebagg, this online and brick and mortar consignment shop is exclusively for designer handbags. Similar to Material Wrld, they pay you upfront and if you live in New York City, they have free home pickup.

Storenvy, if you have a large number of things to sell, this may be the site for you. You can create a custom, free online store and their marketplace works like a social network to share what you're selling with a huge audience

thredUP, they'll send you a bag for you to send in all the clothes you wish to sell. From there, they comb through your items, price them, and create listings on their site. If something doesn't sell, it's donated to charity

Tradesyyou select the items you wish to sell and take pictures of each piece. Tradesy will help improve the photos' quality and handle all logistics, like returns.

For Selling Locally: Consignment Shops

If you don't want to deal with the Internet, there's always brick and mortar consignment shops. The best way to find out which ones are in your city is to use Google Maps. Search, "Consignment shops near (insert your address)." 

photo via  @jennakutcher

photo via @jennakutcher

Earn Cash for Old Technology

From old headphones to iPhones to mp3 players (remember those?!), there's a ton of ways to rid yourself of your former tech that will be both financially rewarding and good for the environment. Here are some brands that payout for your old tech:

Amazon Trade-In, did you know you can trade in your old books (even textbooks!), phones, and video games for Amazon gift cards? The best part is they give you an immediate offer so you can quickly determine if the trade in is worth it.  

Best Buy, they are known for having a fantastic trade-in payout and also have immediate offers on their website. They'll give you a gift card for the trade-in as well. 

Decluttr, with a claim that they pay the most for your old tech, it's worth looking into their immediate quotes. (For reference, I just checked to see if this claim was true and their quote for my 2012 MacBook Pro was twice the payout of Best Buy.) They also have free shipping and next day payment. Bonus: they also accept books, CDs, DVDs, and games. 

Gazelle, this site will let you trade-in your tech for gift cards or cash. If you prefer to keep your trade-in offline, you can stop by a Gazelle kiosk and get immediate cash (though they say it can be lower). 

NextWorth, started in 2005, they are seasoned experts at trade-in technology. Their payout is substantial and processed quickly, and their shipping is always free. They accept smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops, video games, and action cameras.

photo via  Noelle Downing

photo via Noelle Downing

Earn Cash for Old Furniture and Home Decor

There's no need to ever put your used furniture out on the curb again. Whether you're moving or just downsizing to practice minimalism, there are plenty of platforms available for you to sell furniture, home decor, and even small kitchen appliances. Check out these options:

Apartment Therapy Marketplace, whether you want to target local shoppers or ship internationally, this platform has the hookup. You can easily communicate with interested buyers and through their newsletter, your items will be included in their Weekly Email Digest. Quick note: you buy credits to promote the items within the marketplace. Credits start at $5. 

AptDecotheir free listing service makes selling furniture and home decor super simple. And the best part is, they handle pickup and delivery. This platform currently only serves New York City and the surrounding area, though. 

Chairish, this user-friendly site makes it easy for you to consign your furniture, rugs, decor, and whatever else you use to make your living space your own. It's free to list your items and once approved, they'll be listed on their site. Like AptDeco, they also facilitate shipping.

Earn Cash for Clutter: Old Magazines, Textbooks, and Books.png

Earn Cash for Old Books and Magazines

If you have a stack of books you'll never read again, a heaping pile of old magazines, or textbooks from classes you want to get out of your site, there's a platform for you to earn some cash for ridding them from your living space. 

Amazon Trade-In, remember how above we said Amazon's trade-in program accepts old books, including textbooks? Cool. This is just your reminder. ;) 

Bookscouter, while not a selling site itself, this platform allows you to input the ISBN number of a book or textbook and see where you'll get the best payout. 

eBay, there's arguably no better site for selling old magazines. The older they are, the more valuable they become. Either way, it's a great way to get them off your hands and earn some cash along the way. eBay also accepts books.

Half Price Books, while not available in all states, these local brick and mortar stores accept used books, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, and more. If they don't sell it, they donate it to charity. 

Recycling Centers, they are always accepting magazines and have a small payout for bringing your old magazines to their centers. That being said, it's an extremely minimal sum of money and is based on weight, differing depending on your location. Regardless, it's a more environmentally friendly solution to the paper problem!

What are you hoping to get rid of this spring? Share with us in the comments!

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