6 Exercise-Filled Ideas For Your Next Friend Date

Let’s be honest, friend dates are what we live for. They’re what make the hard weeks better and our long days at the office bearable. Friend dates give us something to look forward to whether it’s meeting on a lunch break or having an adventure filled day over the weekend. But so often they consist of brunching or binge watching Netflix with a favorite pint of ice cream. Try to get active for your next friend date. It might be surprising how much you love it. Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampolines are a major throwback to childhood. Now they’ve started opening indoor trampoline parks where those childhood memories of jumping sky high can be relived over and over again. These parks are surprisingly easy to find and affordable (which is a huge plus.) Head out with a few of your friends and select a jump time, your time limit (fee varies on your allotted time,) and jump your cares away.


With scenic views, fresh air, and hundreds of photo-ops; a hike is a great choice for an active friend date. Search hikes in your area and depending on the distance you want to hike and difficulty of the hike, select a destination. Make sure to bring a backpack with a few snacks and extra water to make sure that you’re well prepared as far as hydration and nutrition goes. Hikes provide a great workout and it can give you and your friends a great chance to make memories.

Lunch Break Walk In The Park

As time goes on and schedules get busier, getting time to see friends isn’t always as easy. If you get a lunch break and a friend works close by try meeting up for a brisk walk in the park. This gets you active during your work day and gives your time to catch up with friends. And if you desperately need a little extra caffeine, pick up a coffee to take along with you to make up for missing your regular coffee date.

Group Fitness Class

It can be intimidating to try a group fitness class on your own which is why opting to try one on your next friend date is such a good idea. Maybe you’ve seen the hype about SoulCycle and want to attend but you need a little encouragement. Perhaps one of your goals is to try a Barre class but you haven’t gotten up the courage to go alone. By going with a friend you can try the classes together and get a little silly in process. Trying new workout can be intimidating but when you have someone else with you helps tremendously.


Did you read that right? Yes you did. Running buddies are few and far between. When you have someone you can run or jog with while catching up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives can be a huge stress relief. When you run (or do any exercise) you produce endorphins which help anyone’s mood improve. Add on the stress relief of being able to vent to your friend(s) while exercising, well your mood is bound to have drastic changes for the better. Try picking different routes to see different parts of the city you live in. Maybe even end the run by stopping by your favorite smoothie shop and re-fueling.

5k Race

Races can seem overwhelming but the t-shirts and bling you get at the end of them (if nothing else) make them worth it. Try doing a fun Color-Run or themed race with your friends. This gets you active and can be a lot of fun. If it’s themed, fun costumes might be involved and then a mandatory crafting or shopping date is necessary beforehand. Usually you can make a day out of it. Start the morning with a trip to wherever the race is held and grab lunch afterwards (in your theme-wear.) You’re bound to have a few laughs and make a ton of memories.