Top Winter Trends For The Office

Believe it or not, there are ways to adhere to your office's dress code while staying true to your style and keeping with what's trendy, no matter what is considered "appropriate attire" at your job. Whether you have an internship or a full-time position, it is important to always be at your best so your work and attitude can follow suit. First and foremost— always dress appropriately, but make sure you are comfortable in what you're wearing. If you're uncomfortable, others will sense it and it will definitely affect your performance. Be comfortable, look fresh— learn it and live by it. Here are a few items to choose from so your comfort, style, and performance are all of utmost priority.

Business Professional:

Tailored blazer:

The biggest misconception with the tailored blazer, in my opinion, is definitely "you just can't switch it up." I think the reason for this is because people think "tailored blazer" and automatically think "suit." But there are several ways to wear a blazer— whether it is paired with a skirt or a pair of pants, you can never limit yourself to the possibilities you have with it. Try switching up the color, material, or print (not a paisley suit, but maybe a pinstripe?). Play around with your options and match it with different styled tops.

Pencil skirt:

Like a tailored blazer, pencil skirts do not have to be boring. Try a different color, material, or length for your skirt so you don't feel like you're wearing the same thing every day. Only have a few pencil skirts? I feel you. Use what you have to mix and match your skirt with colorful blouses and shoes to spice things up a little.


No matter what anyone says, there is no such thing as having too many coats— especially peacoats. They are perfect to add a bit of sophistication to any outfit, even if it's a pair of jeans and it is an easy-to-get-away-with way to add a print, material, or bold color to your very professional wardrobe.

Dress with a waistline:

Even when you're not trying to find a matching outfit for work, it is often really hard to pair pieces together so one piece dresses and jumpsuits are always ideal. This winter, there are few things more trendy than dresses with a waistline that make it look as though you've paired a top and bottom when you simply slipped on one piece. Try it out! It's a huge timesaver.

Pointy toe heels (or flats):

One of my absolute favorite styles this season is the pointy toed shoe. Not only do they elongate your legs but they also add some shape to any business professional outfit that may otherwise seem plain.

Business Casual:

Faux fur:

It's in and if you have to dress casually, a faux fur vest is in. Pair it with a nice pair of pants, a blouse, and a statement necklace, you'll look flawlessly put together, fun, yet ready for business.

Knee length skirt:

A flow-y knee length skirt is always a fresh way to add to steer away from your everyday pencil skirt. Add a pair of tights, a blouse or sweater, and some heeled booties to make it a more winter-proof look and you'll look and feel your best, for sure.

Black tights:

There are very few outfits that I do not pair with black tights when I'm on my way to work in the wintertime. Wear tights of any color with a dress or skirt so you can keep warm. The latest adorable trend? Try wearing a pair of fabric/patterned shorts to give your summer wardrobe a winter feel.


One or two nice pairs of jeans are never a bad idea in a business casual office. Especially darker washes that can be easily matched with fancier blouses, sweaters, and heels to make them look a little more dressy even when you're at your peak level of workroom comfort.

Heeled booties:

While pointed pumps or ballet flats will work with any outfit, a great pair of neutral heeled booties will go a long way. Not only will they be some of your most comfortable work shoes, they might also get you the most compliments when paired with your various winter outfits. You'll soon find that anything you can wear with heels can also be worn with these booties. So, choose whichever are most comfortable and rock them!