6 Unhealthy Foods You Thought Were Good For You But Aren't

Have you ever heard the term, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” While there are plenty of delicious foods that are healthy for you without being packed with calories, sugars, and unhealthy fats; there are also those foods that disguise themselves as being healthy but really just hinder efforts to eat healthy. These foods are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are advertised as being healthier for you, better for you, even nutritious. The unfortunate truth behind these advertisements is that they’re all false. These six foods are the worst offenders of this phenomenon. Granola

That’s right, the granola you love so to snack on, pour milk over, and add as a delicious topping to your yogurt is the complete opposite of healthy. Not only is it packed with calories, but it also lacks the fiber that your body needs through the day. One cup of granola can amount to over 600 calories. If you start adding in the milk, other toppings, and whatever else was thrown in the mix; it can amount to over half of your recommended daily calorie intake. Instead of buying store bought granola, try a healthier version and make yours at home. There are simple ways to take the sugars out and add in necessary fibers to the mix.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are great if you need something to help you rebuild after a workout. However, most people will consumer protein bars throughout the day as snacks. The calories from these can add up tremendously along with the sugars in the bars. If you want to opt for a healthier protein bar make sure you look for a bar is low in sugar and high in protein.

Pro Tip: Quest Bars are a great example of a healthier version of a protein bar. They’re a delicious choice of protein bar too.


How many of you have felt better about yourself because you went to a smoothie bar and ordered a smoothie to replace a meal? We’ve all done it. But what many people don’t know is that those smoothies have added sugar to make them taste sweeter and all around “better.” Homemade smoothies are better for you all around because they do not have the added sugars. Instead of adding juice to your smoothies, opt to add milk or coconut water to decrease the sugar further. If you get a smoothie at a smoothie bar, ask for it to be unsweetened. You’ll save yourself close to 300 calories by adding this option.

Restaurant Salads

It’s true that getting a salad out at a restaurant makes you feel like you’ve made a better decision. What many restaurants won’t tell you is that those salads are packed with calories. The dressings are high in sugar, meats are fried, bacon bits are added on, you name it! The best salad you can get out at a restaurant is usually the garden salad with Italian dressing (if you need a dressing at all.) With that being said, try doing a baked chicken with their seasonal vegetable next time you’re out to eat for a healthier choice.


The idea of eggs mixed with milk to form a delicious pocket to add loads of cheese, meat, and vegetables to might seem like a healthier choice but unless you make it correctly, it’s just the opposite. Most people will make their omelets in butter or vegetable oil. Instead make your omelet in coconut or grapeseed oil. Add in a healthier cheese such as feta, parmesan, or Swiss cheese to continue making the omelet a healthier option. Meat is completely fine to add to the omelet however make sure it’s not completely filled with meat. Try adding in more vegetables to make it a little more health friendly. When ordering one out at a restaurant make sure you request that it not be cooked in butter, light meat, and request your desired cheese. This should help you keep it lower calorie but still delicious as ever.


Your heart probably broke a little when you read that. Sushi can go either way – healthy or unhealthy. The sushi to avoid is the sushi that has anything fried, mayo, and sauces in it (aka that delicious sauce that almost all sushi comes with.) If you can steer clear of those ingredients, you’ll be in the clear to enjoy your low calorie sushi options during your next study break or friend date.