7 Unromantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day


You can actually celebrate Valentine's Day even if you are currently single. Don't worry, this is not an article telling you to just grab a pint of ice cream, cuddle with your dog, and call it a night (unless that's what you want to do, in that case go for it, girl!) Valentine's Day is often based around being in a romantic relationship but I say that is old news. Who's to say that Valentine's Day can't be celebrated by everyone, even people who are single? After all, we love more than a significant other, right? We find love within our family, friends, and although we may forget: we should practice some self-love every now and then. Throw caution to the wind this Valentine's Day and consider some of these ideas for making the most out of this holiday centered around the most powerful thing in this world, love.

Make It A Galentine's Day!

Host A Dessert-Only Night

Your girlfriends will be thrilled about coming over your house or apartment for a dessert-filled evening. Design a Create-Your-Own Cupcake Bar with red and pink toppings like sprinkles, candy, chocolates and more, you can even ask your guests to bake their own cupcakes and let them know that you will supply the icing and toppings. Next, you can melt chocolate in a crock-pot and have treats around it to create a DIY fondue pot. Supply chunks of pound cake, strawberries, Rice Krispy treats, orange slices and pretzels for your besties to dip into the chocolate pot and enjoy (Pro-Tip: you can use white chocolate for the fondue and then use red food coloring to make the chocolate pink or red to keep with the theme of the evening!)

BYOM Night

Invite your girlfriends over for a Bring Your Own Movie night! Each guest can bring their favorite chick-flick over and you can all vote on the best one to watch. To add even more fun, ask each guest to type up a few trivia questions about their favorite movie to play a little game while the movie is screening.

Celebrate With Family

Create A Memories Night

Invite your parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts or uncles to share in a Valentine's Day celebration that highlights some of the best family memories to date. You can create this memory night by asking all of your family members to bring photos, memories, videos, or mementoes of the best family vacations, parties, and events. Share together hilarious stories, pass around old pictures, and finish the night off with a DIY photo booth to create some new family memories. All you need for the photo booth is a selfie stick (you can buy one for less than $5 and it is the easiest way to re-create a super expensive photo booth!), some props which you can buy at any craft store or make yourself if you are feeling artsy, and your picture-ready family members.

Start A Baking Day Tradition

Invite your mother, grandmothers, aunts, and cousins to share family recipes and bake together. This is a really sweet (pun intended) way to incorporate all generations while sharing the love of a family, and the love of sweets. You can all write down your favorite recipes to share with one another, try new spins on old recipes, and get in the kitchen together reminding each other how important the sweet love of a family really is.

Practice Some Self-Love

Stay-In Spa Night

Pick up a relaxing aromatherapy candle from the store along with some cozy cotton pajamas, a new nail polish and a fresh scented face mask. You'll soon have a relaxing night to yourself to get back to your happy place by being serene in the comfort of your own home. Use this holiday of love to remember yourself and engage in some self-love through heavenly spa treatments all in the comfortableness of your own home.

Catch up On Some Good Reads

Use the night to remember how much you enjoy reading. Brew a cup of tea from one of your favorite recipes, pick up a wholesome book that will center your heart and mind, and get lost in expanding your thoughts this Valentine's Day.

Create Your Own Vision Board

Spend this Valentine's Day practicing some serious self-love by allowing yourself to make groundbreaking goals for this upcoming semester, month, year, or even rest of your life. Cut out images from your favorite old magazines, print out energy-filled quotes, and put your very own personal and incredible goals in one location  (whether that is a cork board, a sheet of paper, or in a notebook) to remind yourself of how much you hope to accomplish in your journey of life. What could represent more self-love than wishing, planning, and working for what you want in life?

However you choose to celebrate your Valentine's Day this year may it be a day of joy, bliss, and most importantly, love, whatever that word means to you. Maybe your definition of love is your significant other, maybe it is your mom or dad, or maybe it is yourself. Regardless of your own definition of love, allow February 14th to be a day of goodness and delight.